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Unhappy and oppressed – Infobae

Unhappy and oppressed – Infobae

Once we reach a high level of per capita income, the gains in happiness stagnate. (Illustrative image)

talking about happiness Includes deep subject matter. Therefore, it is unusual for someone to announce unhappy. It is rare to talk about a nation of unhappy people. A pejorative reference to an unfortunate nation or region could easily be taken as an insult, or something like that. insulting.

However, the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy will clarify this task for us. The aforementioned dictionary describes the word in two completely different meanings. Like someone or something Of bad luck; Or – rather – as a person or thing, Kind and shy. You, dear reader, should be flattered if someone presents you as a good, i.e., unhappy person.

Regardless of the itch, it’s worth keeping in mind that when we talk about well-being, the good life —Well-being Or the economic success of a nation, a few people –Including myself – It would be satisfactory if we used an official estimate of national product or real income per person, or attributed it to the income of a rich country.

At the same time, there are those who take the stranger as their reference Human development indexpublished before United nations. A statistic that, personally, I don’t give much value to, not even to measure –completely– Economic growth.

In the middle of searching for a direct index; It is a report that attempts to carefully measure the happiness or unhappiness of a nation, and the excellent World Happiness Report appeared years ago (2012) (https://worldhappiness.report/) and its statistics on the happiness of the nation.

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They built their index under the idea that “The natural way to measure people’s well-being is to ask them how satisfied they are with their lives.To do this, they scale answers from 0 to 10 (0 = completely dissatisfied, 10 = completely satisfied). In their statistical efforts they try to evaluate their happiness, without making assumptions about its causes. Something like “life satisfaction” or criterion Care.

Textually, to explain differences in well-being around the world, key factors include variables related to physical and mental health, human relationships (in the family, at work and in the community), income and job virtues. Social trust, social support, personal freedom, low bureaucratic corruption, this paradox is called effective government.

Since 2012, when they first published their findings, they have not stopped revealing and ranking the happiest countries.Or unhappy – From the planet. It is no coincidence that the long-standing champion of happiness is Finland. On the other hand, there are some decaying countries all over the planet. It is also important to take into account that some Latin American countries stand out. They do this because of the modest nature of their happiness and because of their overwhelming unhappiness (the denial style).

These are details that do not completely contradict the institutional inequality and sharp economic decline that have characterized the region in the past decade.

What lessons does published evidence leave us with? If we investigate connection between happiness And the Wealth From a countryThe first figure provides us with a series of inferences (See the first figure).

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The first involves its association with the level of wealth. The actual level of production per person is of great importance. Especially when this is so low. Specifically, when a person is poor or very poor. It also suggests to us that the less oppressed and poor a nation is, the happier it is. Then, when a country liberalizes economically and can grow at a sustainable rate, happiness levels explode.

An image of wealth and happiness

Of course, once we reach a high level of per capita income, Happiness gains are stagnant. It can be said that the greatest happiness is only in heaven. The careful observer advises you, dear readers, to behave well until you reach non-earthly levels of happiness (That this measurement does not capture).

The second version of this correlation among 134 countries indicates that happiness Brings people together. It leads us to thoughts that we should not avoid. Today, nations of the greatest deprivation and the most shameless extravagance coexist. Very poor and unhappy nations versus very rich nations with stagnant and high levels of happiness. Fortunately, the bulk of the sample falls with Income and happiness Which we can classify as average.