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Smart Currents: A school proposal to change the city

Smart Currents: A school proposal to change the city

The Fray Luis Beltrán Technical School, in Corrientes, celebrated the selection of three of its projects presented at the Science Fair for the next regional edition, which will take place on August 1 and 2. Among the proposals is the development of technologies to transform the capital of Corrientes into a smart city.

The project is run by educator, architect and social entrepreneur German Soto. “There were isolated projects and we wanted to give them a common feature in a smart city. The drawbridge, renewable energy, the traffic light and the smart sentry box emerged as a response to social problems,” the professor said in an interview with El Litoral.

A smart city involves controlling daily activities from mobile applications to determine the geolocation of public and private services. Soto is also in charge of the Beltran School’s Robotics Club, along with teachers Walter Priest and Fernán Alvarez, and engineer Gustavo Fleitas.

The Robotics Club is held after school, with about 35 students from Years 2 through 6 attending after normal school hours. There they deal with contemporary and innovative issues.

Pablo Mercado and Eduardo Encizo are the students who will take this proposal to a regional instance of the Science Fair.

In addition to “Smart City: Smart City”, the Beltran School has managed to put two more projects in the following example for the science fair: “Hydraulic System and 5S Inside the Mechanical Workshop” and “Second Generation Biofuel”.

It is the only institution with three educational works at the Corrientes Science Fair.