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UIB Medicine | MIR exams

58 students who took the exam passed the cut-off mark and participated in the place allocation

All students First promotion of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) who have applied to the arbitration process as resident internists Meer has achieved a place In an accredited hospital or health center. Of the 60 who made up the first promotion, all those who took the MIR exam, 58 of them, passed the e-prueba cut-off mark and participated in the place-awarding process in the current 46 disciplines. Opening May 22-23, they will begin a four- to five-year period of training in their chosen major.

Raquel Romero was the UIB student with the best score on the MIR exam, ranking 47th out of 10,793 applicants. This warrant allowed him to be in the first group to choose one of the 8,550 specialist positions available throughout Spain, 104 in the Balearic Islands. Romero will join Son Espases University Hospital next week as a specialist in anesthesiology.

The selection of places took place between April 17 and May 7 in groups of 1,000 people, in order of score from highest to lowest in the examination. The most sought-after MIR careers in medicine are dermatology, plastic surgery, forensic medicine, and neurosurgery.

The National Health System also provides specialized health training venues Nursing, Psychology, Biology, Pharmacy, Physics and Chemistry.

In nursing, UIB students have been able to choose 1,961 places on offer, 62 in the Balearic Islands: 16 in the obstetrics major, which is the most requested by female students with the best grades; 2 in vocational nursing; 26 in Community Nursing and 8 in Pediatric Nursing.

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