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UdeC formalizes support for nomination of Honorary Professor Bernabe Rivas for the National Prize for Applied and Technological Sciences 2022

UdeC formalizes support for nomination of Honorary Professor Bernabe Rivas for the National Prize for Applied and Technological Sciences 2022

the doctor Barnaby Rivas, Distinguished Academician in the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the University of Concepcion (UdeC), received the support of the House of Studies, After a unanimous vote of the Academic Council, For your application to the National Prize for Applied and Technological Sciences 2022, In a meeting chaired by the Rector of the University, Dr. Carlos Saavedra Where the institution made the support official. The ceremony was held on August 11 in the presence of the Dean of the College, Edward Pereira Director of the Polymers Department, Nicholas Gatica The property to which Dr. Rivas belongs.

proven track record

Barnaby Rivas has a career Over 40 years associated with UdeC Its scope is polymers.

In his career, he had many milestones and one of them was The first student to graduate as a doctor at UdeC, Specifically the PhD program in Science with a mention in Chemistry, which in turn is the first PhD in the university. He then held two postdocs in Germany, one at the University of Mainz with a DAAD fellowship in 1983-1984 and the other at the University of Tübingen, with an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, between 1989 and 1991. He is the inventor of seven patents and has managed regular Fondecyt projects, Supplementary Lines, Ring and Fondef and international collaborations, Among other things. Until 2021, it was Director of more than 70 undergraduate theses, 30 postgraduate theses and five post-doctoral projects.

Among her awards, the year 2021 is highlighted Among the 2% of the most productive scientists worldwide in their fieldAfter a study conducted by Stanford University.

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In his role as Director, he has been Vice-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor for Research and Development at UdeC, as well as a member of the Conicyt Committees (where he chaired the Supreme Council of Science) and the National Accreditation Committee. He was also recognized as a UdeC Professor Emeritus in 2019.

Rector Carlos Saavedra highlighted the qualities of Professor Rivas as a candidate for the National Prize, the highest award present in Chile for the distinction of Chileans for their contribution to the development of knowledge in various fields, saying: “Dr. Rivas has been highlighted over a long period of time as the most prolific Chilean scholar, maintains a very high rate of publications, has been linked to undergraduate and postgraduate student trainings, with dozens of doctors trained in his work, in collaboration with other national and international researchers“.

This was stated by Dean Eduardo Pereira, who was also a former student of Professor Rivas Training work “One of the most important values ​​to consider when rewarding a scientist and his career. For me it was the best school I could get, its pioneering activity, and it allowed the institution to grow.”

The Director of the Polymers Department, Nicholas Gatica, highlighted the work they do every day with Dr. Rivas, who continues to teach BSc courses in Polymers for his BSc Chemistry. “We have to share the daily training battle, and it is important to note that, besides all his activities, Professor Rivas is still active as a university teacher. It’s not easy being in the classroom today in a committed way to reach out to students, and being with us every day is a privilege“.

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love of science

Professor Rivas expressed his gratitude for the support he had received and stated that “It is a source of pride. We hope to get a national award with all the nominations this yearRegarding his request, he said:We are all eligible and the qualities that the jury consider to be dominant and for which the winner is selected. I hope that our institution will receive an award and that this recognition will be given to a university of more than 100 years“.

Regarding his career, and the message he addresses to the first generations of scholars, he asserted that for him, “Science is a passion, a conviction and a way of life.”For the same reason, so advisedEverything that is done is always focused on helping others and the community. I ask young people to persevere, and I benefit from getting to know those who work with me. For more than 40 years, many scientists have been trained, there is a research group, fellows, doctoral students, undergraduates, assistants and trustees. There are many people who help a person to have an impact on what he does“.