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Uber is taking drastic measures: firing 200 employees due to economic hardship

Uber is taking drastic measures: firing 200 employees due to economic hardship

The mass layoffs are never ending Uber, the dedicated travel platform, is one of the latest companies to join the painful procedure of forced weight loss.

According to Axis, the US company Uber Technologies has released an internal document for employees to announce that You will cut 200 employees in the recruitment areaWith the aim of saving costs in an effort to face the most difficult economic conditions.

According to the information, the cuts will affect 35% of the Uber recruitment team, which represents less than 1% of the total employees, although it is noted that Smaller rounds of company-wide cuts would follow.

public transport company via app, Cut hundreds of other jobs this year, primarily in the freight unit and overseas food deliveries. The previous cuts, along with the ones just announced, add about 3% of Uber employees.

The company owns more than 32,000 items worldwidealthough Uber drivers are not considered employees.

Since corrosion is low, The size of the talent acquisition team must match our recruitment strategy And Nikki Krishnamurthy, who works as Uber’s chief of staff, wrote in the note and built the company for continued success.

at the international level, Another company that announced mass layoffs is Deutsche Bankwhich plans to cut 10% of the German retail workforce.

The financial institution will lay off about 17,000 employeesAccording to sources close to the subject.

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