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How much does Costco membership cost and the differences between la gilthead and business

How much does Costco membership cost and the differences between la gilthead and business

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There is a difference in Mexico Supermarkets and self-service shops that families Take the opportunity to stock up on their inventory, as well as various a job They buy the materials and things needed for the business, but some of these companies operate on the basis of the membership system, one of which is Costcowhich offers options Gold cards and business cards.

What are the differences between a Gold Membership and a Costco Business Membership?

Although, in fact, they are Four memberships offered by Costcowhich is divided between two types of clients, families and businesses that provide food, cleaning supplies or other consumables to their businesses.

According to the official page of the store, The only difference between Gold Membership and Business Membership The thing is For the second, billing facilities are offeredIn this way, companies can be up to date with the tax authorities, in addition to VAT refund on items that they used in their business.

There are 4 different Costco/File memberships

What is the benefit of having an executive membership?

Both methods Dorada and Business costs 500 pesos per year in its basic version, but customers can also purchase both cards at Executive, at a cost of 1100 pesosThey offer 2% of annual purchases as a bonus at the end of the year.

All four memberships have free services Such as: professional vision exam, audiometry test, lens cleaning and frame adjustment, preventive maintenance of hearing aids and online exclusive product sales.

To contract a Costco membership, customers must go to a branch and submit the necessary documents, as well as pay the amount to the card of their choice, either the Gold Card or the Business Card.

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