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Cueva Ventana will welcome visitors again  Present

Cueva Ventana will welcome visitors again Present

After three years of being closed to the public, Cueva Ventana Park in Arecibo will reopen its doors on Monday the 20th of this month.

“We are very happy and grateful to God for allowing us to overcome this test,” said Froilan Oliveras, president of Salomé Ecoturismo Corp., the management company of Cueva Ventana.

Since March 2020, the eco-tourist attraction, which since 2012 has become an important tourist reference for the island, has been hit by rain, firstly, with the closure caused by the pandemic declaration and various executive orders due to Covid-19; Then the permit issue with the Planning Board, which took three years to resolve.

“We were very sad that we could not keep our employees working, because after several months of closure, we could not do it anymore. The losses were huge. Everyone lost. We as a family business, our employees and the thousands of international tourists who visit us. It was not being able to serve them. The biggest loss is because they came to our doors to find out that we were closed and it is unfortunate that thousands of our local visitors went through the same thing, with what makes it worse that the entire area stopped receiving approximately more than 100 thousand visitors a year who come to the cave so all the restaurants and organizers were affected Tours and other merchants. Now, we are looking to the future with positivity and are ready to provide the great service we have always provided to our visitors.” official speaker, During the interview.

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The Cueva Ventana project began in 2012 as a way to protect an important natural resource that until then had only been visited by Arecipinhos. Through a cooperation agreement between the Arecibo municipal administration and the endorsement of the Department of Natural Resources (DRNA), it has become a regulated tourist attraction. Then, through Puerto Rico Tourism’s promotional endorsement and addition of its ecotourism certification, it was established as a world-renowned destination, receiving more than 200 visitors daily.

Now, the attraction resumes operations via the traditional pedestrian route, where you can enjoy the scenery and a beautiful view of the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley, through a 700-foot opening.

A guided excursion led by trained biologists and environmental translators, who will provide valuable information in Spanish, English and even sign language, about the biodiversity of species, the variety of plants and the petroglyphs that you can see on the cave walls, among other things. Data of great importance.

In addition, a new VIP tour will be offered that includes transportation by all-terrain vehicles for groups of up to five people.

Oliveras stressed that during the period when the park was closed to the public, the cave was not affected.

But he noted that they had made repairs and improvements to the facilities, as well as rehabilitating the sidewalks, as there was no opportunity to provide the required maintenance during the closure period.

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He also denounced that “many people entered illegally and without a permit and threw garbage.” That has already been removed. What was greatly affected were the wooden handrails and stairs, because being outside and unable to maintain them, the humidity of the forest harmed them and led to their deterioration, but they are now being repaired. “The bathrooms were vandalized and damaged, but we fixed them as well.”

The park’s rehabilitation process will take approximately 60 days of extensive work under water, sun and calm to meet its scheduled reopening date. Since then, fortunately, the announcement has been well received by local and foreign tourists, as well as by eco-tour companies that include Cueva Ventana as part of their experiences.

Oliveras commented: “The cruise lines, which from the beginning regretted the closure, have already expressed their enthusiasm and confirmed that they will continue to bring us tourists once we open. “We will shine again!” Shouted.

It should be noted that the property in which Cueva Ventana is located consists of three alcoves, the Cueva Ventana being the upper one and the one that is most accessible on foot through paths. The middle cavity is Cueva Leon, which was supposed to open in the summer of 2021, along with the landmark Paso del Indio – which Expressor/spokesperson It was introduced exclusively in the same year. It was never opened and sparked a series of controversies.

In this regard, Oliveras said: “The Cueva León case is left for a later time, and it seems that it will have to be heard in court. Hopefully we won’t have to get there, but if we have to, we’ll get there. “We know we have to succeed,” he concluded.

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Meanwhile, Oliveras and his staff remain excited to welcome visitors, who will once again take photos that will travel around the world with Puerto Rico’s name in front of them. Cueva Ventana Park will be open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM (787-322-3554).