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UATx hosts the National Meeting of Training Institutions in the Biosciences

UATx hosts the National Meeting of Training Institutions in the Biosciences

The Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), through the Faculty of Agricultural Biology, is hosting the Extraordinary National Meeting of the Mexican Association of Biology Educational Institutions (AMIEB) and the Consortium of Educational Programs for Biological Sciences (COMPEB), which will be held from October 4 to 6 in the hall attached to the rectory.

In his opening message, Mr. Roberto Carlos Cruz Becerril, Technical Secretary, on behalf of Dr. Serafin Ortiz Ortiz, Dean of UATx, explained that this type of forum opens the opportunity to exchange academic, scientific and technological experiences in the discipline, within the perspective of improving human well-being through social justice and with an impact Great for training students.

He pointed out that for this House of Studies, it is very important for the academic and scientific community to come together to analyze and evaluate the educational programs taught in the country, in order to prepare future professionals in this branch of knowledge and equip them equally. Time is the necessary tools to meet the challenges posed by globalization today.

For her part, Dr. Nora Elizabeth Galindo Miranda, President of AMEB, stated that as a result of the pandemic, various institutions in the country revealed the various problems they faced to continue training specialists in biology, in addition to self-reassessment for permanent improvement, with the aim of searching for alternatives that allow raising the quality of Education, therefore it is necessary to think about the state of educational programs taught in this subject in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hipolito Muñoz Nava, Director of the Faculty of Agricultural Biology, emphasized that by activating the Humanistic Integrative Capacity-Based Model (MHIC), students’ vocational training identifies aspects, such as: the ability for the student’s personal and professional development, in addition to his connection to the social environment To contribute to its transformation.

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Among the topics that will be covered are: “The importance of self-evaluation processes for lasting improvement”; Strategies and challenges of quality education in UNICACH degrees in biology”; “Assessment and quality in educational processes for biological sciences”, among others.

The event was attended by Dr. Mauricio Ramírez Ruano, Secretary of the Commission for Accreditation and Certification of the AC Degree in Biology (CACEB); Chemist René Grada Jautentzi, Director of the Interdisciplinary Academic Unit at the Calpolalban Campus; Professor Saul Mendieta Mendieta, BSc Biology Coordinator; And Master Alberto Jiménez Tecpa, College Secretary.