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UASD will hold an international virtual conference titled “A Rendezvous with the Humanities and Social Sciences

UASD will hold an international virtual conference titled “A Rendezvous with the Humanities and Social Sciences

EL NUEVO DIARIO, Santo Domingo. – Starting Friday, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) will hold the first virtual international conference on “Appointment with the Humanities and Social Sciences”, starting at 5:00 pm, organized by the Faculty of Humanities and the New Beginning Center for Neuropsychology accompanying your knowledge.

The activity, which will open in-person at Humanities paraninfo at the time indicated above, will take place on October 23 and 24, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, through the corporate Facebook platform.

The Vice-Chancellor for Research and Postgraduate Studies at the Academy, Dr. Mauro Canario, representing the Rector, Dr. Emma Polanco, will deliver keynote speeches for the event.

Instead, the Dean of the Humanities, Mr. Augusto Bravo, will respond with words of welcome.


At the beginning of the conference, the Research Directorate of the College of Humanities will present more than 15 lectures and two books for circulation.

It will begin with the keynote “PhD in Humanities, History and Challenges” by Dr. Carmen Cote, PhD coordinator in the Humanities in Social and Cultural Studies of the Caribbean.

Two books on “Labyrinths of Complexity” will also be presented to teacher Lorenzo Jorge, a graduate of modern languages ​​and a master’s degree in research methodology.

Later, on the 24th, educator Norma Duarte, MA, will present the book Psychosocial Implications of Users with Neurodevelopmental Disorders and the Contributions of Interventions Made at the New Beginning Center for Neuropsychology.

However, the Directorate for Human Research identified the following activities on October 27 and 29: from the Institute for Philosophical Research, presentation of the book “The Origins of Socialist Ideas in the Dominican Republic, Adalberto Chapuso”, by teachers Alexis Filoria and Angel Moreta, as well as the diploma project “Research Methodology for School Teachers” high school”.

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On Wednesday, September 27, the Institute of Psychology will present the journal Psychological Perspectives.

The Diploma “Introduction to Computational Linguistics” will be offered by the Institute for Linguistics and Literary Research (INVESLET).