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La formación en Enfermedades Autoinmunes, objetivo capital para Interna

Internists demand training in autoimmune diseases

Jesús Díez Manglano, President of SEMI, and Salvador García Morillo, Coordinator of the 14th Meeting of the Systemic Autoimmune Diseases Group (Geas).

This Thursday, October 21, the fourteenth meeting of Systemic autoimmune disease group (GEAS) From the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (Half), a meeting that will continue until Friday, October 22. In his opening speech, Jesus Diez Manglano, SEMI President, wanted confirmation and thanked great effort that all Internists in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We carry a A really hard year and a half And intense everywhere Internal MedicineThere was no specialist who did not have to take care of these patients COVID-19Nor did he suffer any change in his life professional or personalManglano confirmed.

The President has emphasized Importance What does the group have? GEAS for likeness, since ” autoimmune diseases It’s really important and it’s in the field esoteric“.

“We must promote the formation of systemic autoimmune diseases”

For this reason, Manglano emphasized, it is necessary to “restart all activities carried out so far, starting with the third edition of the MSc Autoimmune Diseases at SEMI”.

Educational activities about autoimmune diseases

on your side, Salvador Garcia Murillo, The coordinator of the 14th GEAS meeting sent a message of encouragement to his colleagues: “We are living in a moment of transition, but we should be proud of all that this group has achieved so far.”

Along the same lines, García Morillo encouraged “to strengthen the various teaching activities and to clarify the values ​​and vision of the group of systemic autoimmune diseases, which have so far been successful”.

“As we have done for many years, GEAS and SEMI will continue to work together so that these activities move forward,” Manglano said.

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