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UAEMéx College of Agricultural Sciences, a bastion dedicated to promoting the agri-food sector

UAEMéx College of Agricultural Sciences, a bastion dedicated to promoting the agri-food sector

The community of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences has always appreciated university values, because its wide scope of work allows the sustainable use of natural resources, he said, representing the Dean of the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico (UAEMéx), Carlos Eduardo. Barrera Díaz, Secretary of Administration, Erendira Fierro Moreno, while leading the commemorative ceremony of the 50th anniversary of this academic body and the opening of the 19th National and 12th International Congress of Ornamental Horticulture Ornato 2023.
Accompanied by the Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, Jose Luis Peña Escutia; The President of the Mexican Ornamental Horticulture Association, AC, Juan Carlos Reyes Aleman, as well as the Global Portfolio Asset Manager – Pesticides and Biologicals – for Gowan, Reinero Delgado Quintana, Fierro Moreno, highlighted that this academic space has been strengthened and has been strengthened. It took on dimensions that the people behind the original idea could not have imagined.

He stressed that “today this college has study programs supported by a prestigious academic institution.”
At the event, posthumous certificates of appreciation were presented to Jorge Bernaldez Huerta and Aristeo Alvarez Aratea; The same applies to Porfirio Borjas Hernandez, the first administrative worker, and David Velasquez Torres, the first coordinator. In addition, nine first-generation graduates of this college were honored.
During his speech, the Director of this space, Gaspar Estrada Campuzano, mentioned that in the historical development of this academic space one can appreciate the union, courage, vocation and abilities of the first generations, which contributed to the status of the college as one of the colleges. Best in the country. In 50 years, 46 generations have graduated, including 3,187 agricultural and plant engineers, industrialists, animal husbandry technicians, flower growers, and production engineers.
The university director added: “They are all who, in an environment of solidarity, pledged and achieved university continuity and its recognition as a legacy for future generations, as a farm of science and culture.”

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For her part, Francisca Velasquez, third semester student of the Bachelor of Agricultural and Plant Engineering, explained that nearly 10,000 years ago women began agriculture and livestock raising, activities that developed over time to ensure food and sustainability for humanity. . He said that Mexico has been a pioneer in international cooperation activities focused on strengthening these aspects.
For this reason, the College of Agricultural Sciences at UAEMéx is a leader in the agri-food sector and in the face of new challenges, graduates have the necessary tools to contribute to agricultural and food production in this globalized world.
It is worth noting that during the ceremony, the commemorative plaque for the fiftieth anniversary was unveiled, and the College of Agricultural Sciences shield was presented.