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The key to strong mental health

The key to strong mental health

toThe demands of the modern world often put us in a frantic race, leaving little time for self-care. but, Ana Morales, a psychologist specializing in emotional eating and body acceptance, highlights the urgent need to stop and reflect on our emotional, physical and mental needs in an interview with Marca.

Why is self-care essential?

According to Ana Morales in an interview with Marca, self-care is a crucial component of our mental health. In a society dominated by stress and constant pressure, it is easy to neglect habits that contribute to well-being. “Mental health does not feed exclusively on your psychological world,” says Morales. “Factors such as physical well-being, emotions, and social environment also play a crucial role.”

Reducing the risk of depression

Anna points out the importance of self-care in preventing depressive disorders. “If you apply the right psychological tools and promote self-care, the risk of depression decreases,” he explains. This was especially observed during the pandemic, as those who maintained good emotional management were less likely to suffer from symptoms of depression.

Anxiety management

Morales insists that self-care is essential for managing anxiety. By taking a proactive stance about your health, you can recognize early signs of anxiety and take preventative measures.

Developing resilience

For those with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia or diabetes, self-care is the cornerstone of building resilience.. “When you face life in a holistic way, your reality improves and you find the strength you need,” says Anna.

Effects of not practicing self-care

Morales warns that neglecting self-care can have serious consequences, From poor health to low self-esteem and inability to control your life.

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Tips for getting started

1. Make your well-being a priority: Don’t let the demands of others overshadow your own needs.

2. Create a routine: This provides stability and helps reduce stress.

3. Be active: Exercising is a mental health boost.

4. Say “no” without fear and “yes” without feeling guilty: Know your limits and respect them.

5. Meditation and mindfulness: These practices help calm the mind.

6. Good nutrition: Eating well also affects your mental health.

7. Stress management techniquesIdentify the situations that cause you distress and find ways to deal with them.

“Your well-being matters as much to you as the well-being of others,” Ana Morales concludes.. “Positive changes won’t take long if you give yourself space for self-care.” It’s a wake-up call for everyone: self-care is not a luxury; It’s a necessity.

This interview not only enlightens us on the importance of self-care for mental health, but also gives us concrete tools to incorporate it into our daily lives. And let’s remember, as Ana Morales points out, that self-care is a healthy exercise, not an act of selfishness.