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UAA signs an agreement with the University of Cartagena in the fields of economic sciences

UAA signs an agreement with the University of Cartagena in the fields of economic sciences

The Autonomous University of Aguascalientes and Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT), Spain, met during a virtual session to introduce the scope and benefits Double degree cooperation agreement between master’s degree in management and master’s degree between universities in accounting and corporate financerespectively.

This event is of great importance because for UPCT it is the first such agreement with a university in Latin America and the first dual degree agreement to be celebrated for a master’s degree from UAA.

On behalf of Dr. ON.Francisco Javier Avlar Gonzalez, President of the State’s Highest Studies House, a. Elizabeth Casillas CasillasDirector General of Research and Graduate Studies, with will and dedication, Study plans of both institutions can be combined, resulting in this dual degree agreementIt hopes that it will be the beginning of a successful journey towards carrying out more postgraduate courses of excellent quality.

as admitted Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences (CCEA) for the efforts made and the vision of moving on the path of internationalizationin order to train more prepared and more competitive professionals.

During her speech, Donna Beatriz Miguel Hernandez, Dean of the remarkable UPCT University, noted that in today’s world, Alliances are essential for establishing links and strengths, as he stated that the Foundation is pleased to sign this agreement with the UAE Federation. And also as a reference point for increasing its relations with the rest of the European Union countries and members.

on time, Mr. Rafael Toledo Moreno, Vice-Chancellor for Internationalization and European University of UPCTHe stated that there are interesting plans in the field of international relations. In this context, it was mentioned Cartagena seeks to continue to communicate with Spanish-speaking countries and Latin America, thus closer relations with the UAA In a way, it acts as a gateway not only to Spain but also to other countries.

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for this part, Don Juan Angel Reverend Franco, Deputy Adviser for Studies at UPCTThey expressed their satisfaction with the work done and mentioned this The main goal is for university students to graduate as best they can.so that they can be introduced into the world of work and later become ambassadors of the university in Aguascalientes and in the rest of the world.

finally, The Mtra. Virginia Guzman Diaz de Leon, Dean of CCEAannounced that in November 2021, the UPCT Board of Directors approved this cooperation agreement, and for its part, the Academic Board of the Master of Management has approved the participation of two UAA students in achieving a double degree for the Academy in 2021-2022, already located in Cartagena, Spain.