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Exact Sciences completed the election of professors with the victory of the Deanship

Exact Sciences completed the election of professors with the victory of the Deanship

Prediction while counting votes in the Faculty of Exact Sciences / Dolores Ripoll

The council of college representation in the administrative councils of colleges and colleges and the UNLP Supreme Council for the next four years was completed yesterday with the completion of the elections in the College of Exact Sciences, one of the lands that includes the inter-sector dispute where another victory was achieved for the spaces of the deanships. Thus, the plan to re-elect Brigadier General Mauricio Erbin is progressing.

According to university sources, List 10, close to the brigadier general’s leadership, received 149 votes (64%), and List 3 as an alternative to the current leadership received 75 (32%).

In the final image of the process, there are also 8 nulls and one invalid. Size (similar to what has been expressed in other faculties such as engineering or humanities), is far from one of the central observations of the university’s election: in medicine, 33 of the 126 professors abstained. They have turned their backs on what has been presented as the “Unit List”.

According to observers of university politics, the situation has no precedent in the history of faculty elections at that college and the rest of the university. This reflects that the conflict is still latent in which the university management is involved. In 2018, he managed to lead the college – see separately -.

The college selects 7 (5 for the majority and 2 for the minority with 25 votes) out of 16 seats for each board (plus 3 alumni, 4 students and 1 non-teacher). Between April and May, everyone will vote for new deans and a university president.

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The majority of formal fields in law, economics, architecture, arts, economics, veterinary, humanities, computer science, engineering, dentistry, journalism, psychology, social work, and medicine, which are offered without competition, have already secured themselves. In addition to the 7 professors, the administration of (almost) all of these colleges already has 3 alumni (voted last week) and non-teachers (going to the polls next week), ensuring the 11 votes necessary for re-election (or enough 9 to appoint a dean from Same political colour.