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Medicinal cannabis Tandil is part of the Regional Strategic Cannabis Program

In the city of Azul, in the classrooms of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of UNICEN, the first meeting of the “Regional Strategic Program for Medical Cannabis: Actions Committed to Access and Responsible Use of Therapeutic Cannabis in the Central Province of Buenos Aires . . Aires” was held.

It was Tuesday, 15 March, when the objectives and guidelines for these actions, which are part of the Extension Capacity Enhancement Programs of the Unikin University Management, were announced.

This regional proposal on medical cannabis is directed by Marcelo Sarlingo (Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Social Sciences) with Carlos Sommel (Faculty of Veterinary Sciences), in coordination with Cecilia Asteguita (University Management Extension Secretariat).

Participants: Sergio Sanchez Bruni (Conicet- College of Veterinary Sciences), Laureano Schof (Conicet- College of Veterinary Sciences), Gastón Barreto (Conicet- College of Engineering), Luciano Grasso (Faculty of Health Sciences – Comprehensive Public Health System in Tandil Municipality), Andrea Pérez Villareal (Faculty of Agronomy), Paula Laforcade (Faculty of Law – Faculty of Economics – Tandil Ombudsman), students from the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences.

Organizations and institutions are also part of the Medical Cannabis Regional Strategic Program: Bar Association of the Judicial Department of Azul, Tandil Ombudsman, Bar Association of Tandil, Association of Veterinarians of the Province of Buenos Aires, District VI, Tandil Medical Cannabis and Medical Blue Cannabis NGO.

This meeting was attended by teachers, non-educators and those interested in the topic, with special participation from Ing. Agr. Eduardo Casimiro Requesens and Mr. Fabián Grosman, Dean and Trustee for Research and Graduate Studies at the School of Agricultural Engineering.

The aim of these actions is to expand the process of interconnection between the institutions of the university, mainly with the authority of enforcement at all levels of the state and with civil cannabis associations in the sphere of influence, to carry out joint non-profit activities.

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It will be managed so that health professionals, and the state and society as a whole, can assist, contain and accompany those who wish to obtain safe cannabis treatment.

Those who wish to contact the program can do so by emailing [email protected]
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