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Triumph and leadership for science in São Paulo

Triumph and leadership for science in São Paulo

The Real Ciencias Enerside scores a resounding 40-17 win over Grupo Intxausti Gernika, becoming captain From the Honor Division classification.

The scientific group was better in São Paulo. Although he dominated the game from the start It was in the second half when he distanced himself on the scoreboard and boosted the bonus He understands the importance of getting as many points as possible for the second stage of the league.

In the sixth minute came the first goal of Seville. Vincent O’Brien oval shape after a touch swipe Five meters from the opponent’s recording area, with a shift Coco Roldan.

The villains responded after a quarter of an hour of play. The referee whistled for a penalty five meters from the local scoring area and sent Joaquín Escolar quickly, stunning the defense and trying to convert Winterbach.

The game entered a chaotic phase, with a good defense by the Biscayans and their mistakes. Scientists who excelled, but did not transfer it to the scoreboard.

Half an hour before play, a good act of science on the part of the whole team practically ended the science record. was in the service of a touch by Vincent O’Brien on the opposing court on the right-hand side of the attack won by Luchi Molina, who quickly opened for the culminating streak jordi sock Subtract the oval next to the left flag. With the score 12-7, the first half was reached.

In the second half, the locals, determined to judge the match, who played from the 47th minute temporarily in supremacy due to yellow jumped to Quaid Langfeldt. The scientific article came through Daniel Store In the 55th minute, again after a touch swipe a in which the Seville striker imposed his strength. Coco Roldán was right about this shift.

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In the 65th minute, Winterbach took advantage of Sevilla’s indiscipline, turning a penalty kick and filling the gap on the scoreboard.

After the changes, Ciencias improved and imposed their game, increasing the difference on the scoreboard. It wasn’t long before he responded with an article Declan Barnett After a lengthy offensive play by Sevillian’s side on the 22nd guest team, Coco Roldán was right to turn. In the 73rd minute it was manu moura Who formed the oval again after playing several stages in green and black 22, without failing in the subsequent kick by Coco Roldan.

The rules were used to the full and he never revealed anything and in the 76th minute John Gurtobay practiced on Winterbach and turned him. But those from Mazo were dissatisfied, they were looking for point security and with team play inside Biscayan 22 they made a new mark by Vincent Del Hoyo Who is Coco Roldan around?

“We went from less to more. We were superior, and we were able to pinpoint several plays where we didn’t have success with our hands. This combined with the multiple stops due to infractions in the game meant the game had little tempo. After that, the changes and improvements were improved,” said coach Manuel Mazo. The team beat the scoreboard.”