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Biohackathon 2022: 3 teams awarded in Santa Fe Open Innovation Lab:: Mirador Provincial:: Noticias de Santa Fe

Biohackathon 2022: 3 teams awarded in Santa Fe Open Innovation Lab:: Mirador Provincial:: Noticias de Santa Fe

10-16-2022 | 8:58

As part of National Science Week, the Biohackathon 2022 was held Friday in the Parana River Basin, and the Co-Creativity Day was held as a stage to promote talent towards HubBIO Santa Fe, by implementing agile methodologies, led by students and alumni.

This first edition awarded 3 prizes to the teams that presented themselves before the jury made up of: Sergio Drokarov, Argentine Chamber of Biotechnology; Marina Pema, Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation; Giulietta Leyva, Federal Investment Board; Romina Casadevall of GridX and Ricardo Kratje, Universidad Nacional del Littoral.

The companies presenting a challenge were: BioHeuris + Senits Smart Solutions SA, Keclon, Nova, DETxmol, Hiamet and Mosquita Feed, which were also awarded a HubBio Santa Fe mention.

While the prizes went to the following groups:
First Prize: Detx Mol Challenge: Suggesting methodologies that help reduce background signal for EXPAR, group consisting of: Natasha Sanz, Agustina Velázquez, Laureana Villarreal and Diego Saccoccia.
2nd Prize: Hyamette Challenge: improved fermentation and/or purification yields peptides obtained from the amino acid sequences they presented. The group consisting of: Rodrigo Berucal, Juan Manuel Rozas, Sebastian Milani and Gustavo Gisbert.
3rd Prize: Mosquito Feeding Challenge: Research new insect-based biotechnology products, for the group from School No. 8183, Regional Agricultural Center, made up of: Bianca Pace, Jeronimo Tru, Manuel Elias and Mercedes Mira.

In this sense, Marina Bayma expressed that “Santa Fe is a pioneer, this lab is innovative and our youth are the ones who surprised us today, we learned from them, they are the deepest value of our community, they are committed and convinced that they can transform problems into solutions, into the most difficult challenges that will affect us in the future, and with them With science and the private sector, we have achieved impressive results.”

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Other challenges posed by life sciences companies in Santa Fe were:
● NOVA: Techniques for production and economic purification of recombinant non-pharmaceutical proteins.
● Keclon: develops an industrially applicable enzyme stabilization process for its products.
● Senits Smart Solutions SA + BioHeuris: Reduce the environmental impact of the use of dielectric mineral oil used in electrical power transformers, with little impact on the cost of companies using them.

Finally, the head of the scientific profile of the province added that “the governor Omar Beiruti has created a disruptive public policy in terms of accompanying the sector, with investments and a set of tools to enhance talent and knowledge and make Santa Feith the center of life sciences. He is the biotechnology governor, and the sector is responsible for the task of positioning ourselves as a province, This experience has proven that.”

A laboratory to promote innovation and talent

The Biohackathon Santa Fe 2022 was coordinated by Paula Sally, accompanied by Bettina Carneval and Eliana Eberli, Undersecretary for Innovative Projects, and mentors Sebastian Cogliatti, Ezequiel Margaret, Pablo Feldman, Aldo Nicolas Pucci, Florencia Hidalgo, Laura Orcellett, and Christian. Magni, Ezequiel Guillermo, Julia Rozas, Daiana Daitch, Gustavo Abratti, Francisco Colombatti and Victoria Colombo.

This lab was aimed at students, alumni, professionals and entrepreneurs from Santa Fe County, who worked in multiple areas of knowledge such as biotechnology, business, industrial design and engineering, and contributed along with professionals and experts to give a great start to HubBio Santa Fe.

Fostering innovation, talent, creativity and developing new ideas in the biotechnology sector has been made possible by mentors and ecosystem: the School of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the National University of Rosario, and the School of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences at the National. Litoral University, Faculty of Economics and Statistics of the National University of Rosario, National Technological University, Rosario Regional College, Secretariat of Science and Technology of the Faculty of Architecture, Rosario National University, Scientific Centers Technological Institutes (CCT Rosario and CCT Santa Fe), National Institute of Agricultural Technology, National Institute For Industrial Technology, Rosario Technological Pole, Parque Litoral Centro, GridX Accelerator, Life Sciences Fund SF500, Xerendip, Municipal Quénada de Gómez, Mundo Emprendedor, Rosario Stock Exchange, Fundación Poten Cíar, Endeavor, Rosario Technological Pole, Coastal Technological Central Pole and the Santa Fe Industrial Federation.

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