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Trinidad and Tobago surprised by beating three Central Americans

Trinidad and Tobago surprised by beating three Central Americans


Big surprise in Nations LeagueQualifying tournament CONCACAF to cup America 2024 in its third edition.

In the first group, after two days of play, the national team is leading Trinity And Tobagobecause he was the only one to win his first matches on that date FIFA September.

Thus, the Caribbean leads the standings by six points and excels Guatemala And PanamaThe two teams tied 1-1 with four points.

Martiniquewho was beaten Panama (3-0) On date 1, he won the minimum Curacao He reached three points to finish fourth.

Curacao (-2) He has no points and is in fifth place because he Savior It was in last place on goal difference (-3).

Savior He has a very tough outlook because his next matches will be against him MartiniqueSo that they do not depend on themselves to qualify for the next stage.

It should be noted that only the two best-seeded teams from Group A and Group B qualify for the quarter-finals The League of Nations Where Mexico, the United States, Canada and Costa Rica meet to compete for a ticket to qualify for the Copa America.

On the double date in October, Panama will visit Curacao before the reception Guatemala. Before taking revenge on the Canaleros, the priests will risk their lives Trinity And TobagoBecause defeat may condemn them to actual elimination before the final match.