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Trick to send a crossed out message to your friends

Trick to send a crossed out message to your friends

If you still do not know how to write off a file text in a The WhatsAppHere we explain it to you so that you do not have difficulties, because it is also a very simple thing that you can do in a matter of seconds.

You know, the famous Request WhatsApp allows you to send messages in italics, bold and even in another font style.

However, very few people really know how to send strikethrough text in the world’s most popular app.

That is why we will help you, so follow the steps we are about to mention or write down.

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It should be noted that for this trick, it is not necessary to have to install strange applications that not only put your personal information at risk, but also your WhatsApp messages.

  • The first thing you should do is install the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can update it from Google Play or iOS Store.
  • Now you only need to enter one of your conversations.
  • At that time type the text.
  • Now put at the beginning and the end the symbol “~”
  • Now send your message.
  • At that moment you will see the crossed out text in WhatsApp.
  • Remember that you can also get the bold by placing “*” at the beginning and end of a sentence.
  • In the case of monospaced “””” and slashes “_”.
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On the other hand, we recommend always updating apps to prevent some malware from affecting our security.

In fact, at the moment, biosafety experts are warning WhatsApp users that they have v2.21.22.7 patch, as it contains a bug that causes damage to the smartphone’s internal memory.

The National Institute of Cyber ​​Security of Spain (INCIBE) has alerted WhatsApp users of a serious vulnerability discovered in the above-mentioned version, which is available both in the standard version of the application and in WhatsApp Busines.

If you do not update the application, you are at risk of “receive a malicious image that can damage device memory (buffer overflow)”.

Whether you have this version or not, we recommend that you update WhatsApp as soon as possible to avoid falling victim to hackers.

If you have Android, open the Google Play Store, then tap the Menu icon > My apps & games. There you will see an UPDATE button next to WhatsApp Messenger.

For iOS, open the App Store and then tap Updates. There click on UPDATE next to WhatsApp Messenger.