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Carburetor cleaning: how and when to do it

Carburetor cleaning: how and when to do it

Modern vehicles already have injectors, so this service is not necessary. However, older cars need to Carburetor cleaning from time to time to ensure its smooth functioning and good fuel consumption.

carburetor It was developed in the second half of the nineteenth century along with the gasoline internal combustion engine to allow the correct mixture of air and fuel, as well as to allow control of the speed at which the engine runs.

An imprecise mixture of gasoline and air in the carburetor can cause problems in the car / Image: Shutterstock
Credit: Ross Walker | pixabay

Like current injection systems, The carburetor also needs maintenance services in order to work properly.

When should a car carburetor be cleaned?

If dirt and sticky fuel residue clogs the carburetor, performance suffers or the engine fails. And the best is Keep your carburetor up to date with a good cleaning.

There is no exact time, but if you notice your car has the following symptoms, it’s time to file Carburetor cleaning for your car.

– It just won’t start. If your engine tries and tries but won’t start, it could be because you have a dirty carburetor. When there is too much dirt in the carburetor, the required combination of air and fuel cannot travel through the passage into the engine, causing a coupling, but not the actual starting.

– It works badly. The engine runs poorly when the fuel-air balance is lost. Typically there is a 12:1 or 15:1 air-to-fuel ratio, and when there is too much air or not enough fuel, drag jerk occurs. One of the most important reasons is not enough fuel reaching the carburetor.

Carburetors need to be cleaned to always function properly / Shutterstock.
Credit: Shutterstock

Rich mix. When an engine is running rich, it’s the complete opposite of lean, which means too much fuel and not enough air. When this happens, black smoke comes out of the exhaust.

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– Sinking. If there is dirt or debris in the fuel container, it can clog the needle valve and prevent it from closing. When this happens, fuel overflows into the carburetor and this causes fuel to flow out of the pot holes, upsetting the air-to-fuel ratio, and dampening the spark plugs.


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