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TRD and CIMEX offer a 5% discount on MLC payments through MiTransfer

TRD and CIMEX offer a 5% discount on MLC payments through MiTransfer

The so-called Tiendas Caribe (former TRD) stores and CIMEX have extended until June 26 this year the offer of discounts of up to 5% on payments for each purchase in freely convertible currency (MLC), made this week, through the Bolsa payment platform MiTransfer.

According to this information published in networks On Transfermovil’s official social networks, it was announced that “Pay with the account in US dollars of the MiTransfer stock exchange and save 5% on all your purchases. The discount is available in CIMEX and Tiendas Caribe stores, until June 26.”

Banco Popular de Ahorro (BPA) on the island has also promoted this offer: “Our customers have been informed that from June 19 to June 26 you will receive a 5% discount on every purchase you make with a MiTransfer bag, in the commercial network in a freely convertible currency of CEMEX chain of stores that provide this service.

In case of any complaint or claim, you may contact us through our customer service by the following means: CIMEX Corporation. Unique Number: 80000724. Mail: [email protected]They add in collaboration with CIMEX.

Shopping at MLC in Cuba

Predictably, purchases in MLC in Cuban stores are here to stay, and it doesn’t matter that they said at the beginning that they were to supply Cuban pesos, which are still at zero, or that the “normal” Cuban does not earn in US dollars, euros, or any strong currency. other. Ultimately, Cubans have to “die” with these products.

Regarding the MiTransfer Stock Exchange, they update from Transfermovil that “through the US dollar account of the MiTransfer Stock Exchange it is possible to recharge the mobile phone with international promotions, buy Nauta Plus and buy products and services online in virtual or in-person stores in institutions and agencies where it is enabled This type of electronic payment.

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They indicate that this account can be recharged from the websites www.cubamax.com, www.cubatel.com, www.vidaipay.com or www.vacuba.comamong others.