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Alert Florida authorities about fraudulent online travel package purchases

Alert Florida authorities about fraudulent online travel package purchases

Ashley Moody, the attorney general of Florida alerted its residents to the fashionable scam.At this point in the year, many travelers fall into the trap of pirates. It’s a “perfect” period for unscrupulous people to scam their victims while booking flights online.

It’s actually a “piece of cake” for connoisseurs, so to speak, especially during the holiday period.

The trend of making travel bookings through a network of networks is increasing. For example, in 2022, reserves through this route will reach 798 billion.

Hackers are taking advantage of this growing trend every year to develop, in great detail, new ways to fool ‘unsuspecting travelers’. Victims lose thousands of dollars and then become financially incapacitated.

What do you do to avoid being scammed?

On the subject, a Florida attorney shared some key tips for avoiding scams. For example, a very common scam is getting customers through fake websites, even though they look very similar to legitimate ones.

Such pages on the Internet, firstly, attract the attention of the consumer with very affordable discount and travel options.

A customer who does not notice the fraud sends their money digitally and then the shell company disappears completely. Of course, they never send users a booking confirmation or proof of payment.

Moody’s warned that hackers use phishing emails as well as phishing calls.

The protagonists of such scams initially pose as representatives of travel companies. Thus, they take the opportunity to obtain personal information from users and payment method details.

The attorney also alerts about false advertisements, on popular websites, for vacation rentals. In this case, juicy discounts once again “pull” a potential traveler.

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The main advice is to thoroughly check the legitimacy of the company and the web offering this service. It is necessary to use secure links that have a lock next to the URL. Finally, always use credit cards, as they have an added protection against fraud.