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Woman Wins $100,000 In The Lottery, But Gets Collected $30,000 In Taxes

Woman Wins $100,000 In The Lottery, But Gets Collected $30,000 In Taxes

A Raleigh, North Carolina woman named Clarissa Stephens won $100,000 in the state lottery.. But in the end, he ended up with less money, after taxing him a few tens of thousands of dollars.

When she went to collect her prize, the woman told lottery authorities that she had bought a scratch-off ticket after going to the movies with her boyfriend on Saturday last week.

The ticket only cost him $30, but it had a $100,000 prize.

Stevens said she stopped at a Sheetz store on Glenwood Avenue on the way home. The woman bought some scratch-off tickets that were rewarded with small sums and decided to buy more

Wait until he gets home to scratch his newly purchased toys. While scratching his $5,000,000 final ticket, he revealed that he had hit the jackpot.

The woman decided to wait until she got home to buy her new scratcher. After he scratches a ticket to the $5,000,000 Ultimate game, he discovers that it hits a $100,000 jackpot.

The woman went to collect her award however They only gave him $71,259, because they withheld $28,741 just for taxes..

The lucky nanny said she plans to use her newfound wealth to pay off some debts, buy a new car, and save up the rest.

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