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Toyota is recalling more than 7,000 vehicles due to a fault at the Grupo Millenio plant

Toyota is recalling more than 7,000 vehicles due to a fault at the Grupo Millenio plant

Office of the Federal Consumer Advocate (prophecy), in coordination with Toyota Motor Sales Mexico, Recall over 7,000 vehicles 2022 and 2023 models of the Tundra, Yaris, Hilux, and Corolla Cross.

Provico said, in a statement, that it:

  • 2,915 units of the 2022 Corolla Cross
  • One thousand 844 Hilux 2022
  • Corolla Cross 2023 1,150
  • One thousand 133 Yaris sedan 2022
  • Yaris 308 Hatchback 2022
  • 126 Tundra Hybrid 2023
  • Rise 10 2023

The car company reports that depending on the model, sFailures related to either were provided multi-information display, electronic airbag control module, seat belt, remote entry key, or front passenger airbag.

For Corolla Cross models, this is specified The front passenger airbag may not inflate Due to a manufacturing error in the instrument panel where it is located.

They explained that if necessary the dashboard would be replaced.

In the case of the Hilux, the shortage of semiconductors used in microchips for switches, It caused only one remote access key to be included in vehiclesinstead of two.

However, with the access key and spare key without remote access, the vehicle can be operated as normal and any authorized dealer Provide the consumer with a remote access key.

On the Yaris sedan and hatchback, it is a component of the front seat belts It may have been manufactured incorrectly, so it will work incorrectly. If necessary, the belts will be replaced.

The cautionary tale for Tundra Hybrid vehicles was due to the multi-information display (LCD) located in the instrument cluster. It may be empty due to a software problemwhich reduces the recognition of certain operating conditions, so the said software will be updated.

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Raize modules, for their part, throw an error in the process Airbag ECU production Which may cause a short circuit inside. Due to this, the airbags and seat belt pretensioners may not work properly, so the electronic control unit will have to be changed.

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The company also reported this to Profeco All changes will be free to the consumer and notes that as of August 1, there are no reports of incidents where any of these cases have occurred.

Those interested can view the details or check if they are participating in any of these calls on the page https://www.toyota.mx/propietarios-vin Once you enter the VIN of your vehicle.

You can contact the automaker through their website www.toyota.com.mxor at 800 7 TOYOTA (869682); and/or via email to [email protected]

For its part, Provico confirmed that it will continue to monitor compliance with this alert and provide the consumer’s phone number. 5555688722 And the number 8004688722 to deal with complaints and provide advice.

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