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The trick to getting the cheapest flights

The trick to getting the cheapest flights

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Given the high costs that can be incurred a plane ticket When planning a trip, different online trading strategies have been developed Fly as cheap as possible.

However, the scams that have spread among Internet users have become the target of the world’s leading airlines I deplore the “deceptive” maneuvers of some websites offering flights at rock-bottom prices.

In this case, American Airlines sues Skiplagged Inc.. For allegedly selling tickets without being an authorized agency and using their logos.

What is the trick to buying cheap tickets

The US airline is arguing with the company that sued it over an already well-established practice among so-called travelers Skip. This kind of maneuver involves getting a ticket to the city you want to travel to, not as a final destination, but as part of a longer layover. Although it is not considered illegal, airlines claim that it violates their policies..

Most strategists who opt for this trick usually do not check baggage because their belongings will end up at the location chosen on the ticket. To avoid losing them, they chose to travel with hand baggage so that in the middle of the flight they could disembark at the stopover airport without problems..

How much can you save

Some tickets obtained at a lower cost are for trips to be taken within the United States. Skiplagged start also highlights it You can save us 5 dollars Flying from Detroit to Orlando on Sept. 14. Other amounts are more important, totaling $67 saved For those who want to travel from Hartford to Washington, D.C. on Sept. 4.

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Many travelers use the skip feature to get cheap flights. Source: archive

What does the lawsuit say?

American Airlines confirmed its complaint last Thursday in North Texas District Court, accusing Skiplagged of using “Unauthorized and Deceptive Visa Practices.” In a 37-page brief, it claimed that it “often charges consumers more than if they had booked a ticket directly with American or through an authorized US agent.”

In addition, the website was accused of misleading the public “by making it believe that, Although you do not have any authority to form and issue a contract on behalf of American, Somehow you can still issue a fully valid ticket.”

In this vein, the company has been emphatic “can’t”And Every “ticket” issued by the same page is at risk of being “voided”.

It should be noted that last July, the American company Throw a young man from the plane who was traveling from Gainesville, Florida, to Charlotte, North Carolina, as the ticket he had purchased was Charlotte as his final destination. New York.

Other companies that reported Skiplagged

In addition to American Airlines, united And orbitz She sued the site in 2014 for unfair competition and deceptive behavior. In the same line acted Southwest In 2021, when he sued her for not having permission to publish airline prices, nor to sell tickets. But they reached an agreement at the beginning of this year.