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Tour: Luis Miguel announces the dates of his 2023 tour

Tour: Luis Miguel announces the dates of his 2023 tour

On April 19, in addition to celebrating his birthday, Luis Miguel celebrates his comeback with a world tour with 44 dates. El Sol de México has had its fans on guard since April 17, when with a poster it created enough anticipation to become an internet trend of the day.

The tour will begin on August 3 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then on August 21 it will leave for Santiago de Chile and then hop to the north of the continent to continue in various cities in the US such as Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Miami, Tampa, Newark, Belmont, Oklahoma, Hidalgo, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

His journey ends in Mexico, which adopted him from a young age to make him an idol of the crowds and make him one of the most prominent bolero singers in the country. On November 15, she will begin her tour in Monterrey, continue with three shows in Mexico City and continue with concerts in Queretaro, Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosi, León, Puebla, Oaxaca, and finally on December 12 in Veracruz.

The singer will change headquarters in Mexico City. Having set the world record for the most consecutive performances at the National Auditorium, this year his concerts will be held in Arena Ciudad de México, in the Azcapotzalco Mayor’s office, according to Information from entertainment journalist Mara Patricia Castaneda.

Luis Miguel’s last concert was in November 2019 at the Caesars Palace Amphitheater in Las Vegas and in Mexico he disappeared from the stage after a presentation that left those present unhappy with a half-hour-and-a-half late start performing his songs. He was even criticized for attending his show drunk.

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After the success he found on Netflix with the series about his life, fans are looking forward to El Sol with optimism. According to an interview given by Gilberto Barrera, EL PAÍS entertainment journalist, in February, after announcing a new tour, “His physical makeover speaks to the anxiety he has to look perfect. He does everything he can to be stylish, with an overwhelming personality, to deflect criticism.” that came his way in the past.”

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