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Top 3 sites to check computer performance

Top 3 sites to check computer performance

No need to download an application to measure your computer’s performance, because with these websites, you can perform an online performance test in just minutes.

The sites that can conduct performance tests are very limited.

Learn in detail about the performance of our computer It is necessary to know if it can run certain applications or video games. Although there are specialized programs, completely free, that can run tests so we know this information, they do exist Some online alternatives that offer similar results (They only test CPU performance).

Using the world’s most popular search engine, Google, we can find some of these sites, although many of them end up being useless. That’s why the options we have access to that actually work are rare.

So that you do not waste your time searching for them manually, we will show you here 3 sites that can check your computer’s performance online, We have selected the best!

Check your computer’s performance with these sites

It is important to clarify this These sites work on any computerAnd also the browser. Likewise, we recommend running it in Google Chrome, since Firefox and Edge gave us some problems (many incompatibilities).

CPU Speed ​​Test: A simple performance test

Test your computer's performance with CPU speed test

This site only works on Google Chrome.

Although it is not the most recommended option for conducting an online PC performance test, it is an interesting option to consider, especially if what you want is Measure CPU speed.

It was developed independently by a group of people, CPU Speed ​​Test is responsible for testing the performance of the processor. Unfortunately, it can’t measure the speeds of other components found in a computer, so it’s quite basic in itself.

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Using it is very simpleSimply click on the little green flag to start the respective performance test. It will take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Location | CPU speed

CPU Expert: Complete and advanced

CPU Expert completes online performance testing

The processor model must be known for the test result to be correct.

Using a decryption algorithm, this site has the ability to Measure processor performance In a more complete way.

In short, it is a test of it The processor’s workload increases graduallyWhich leads to performing different operations at the same time.

This should be added, before starting the test in question, andThe site will ask us for our processor formTherefore it will be necessary to know the components of a computer. Once this information is entered, the test will be executed, which will take no more than 10 minutes to deliver the respective results.

Location | CPU expert

SilverBench: The ultimate test

SilverBench extreme performance testing

SilverBench is the only site that offers 3 types of performance tests.

Last but not least, we cannot fail to mention SilverBench, a site specialized in testing computer performance. This online platform uses a script that has the ability to Conduct various performance tests:

  • Normal test.
  • Extreme test.
  • Stress type test

Although all of these tests give similar results, the last two tests (intensity and stress) They analyze every component of the computer. Naturally, both the extreme test and the stress test take one to two hours to complete. And so does this type of evidence “Unusable” computer, so it can only be used after the respective tests have been completed.

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Location | Silverbench

Without adding anything else about it, in case you want to test the RAM, GPU or SSD/HDD memory inside your computer, you will have to download a specialized application to perform the test. .