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Tine Stossel: My father was hospitalized for 8 days in intensive care |  people |  entertainment

Tine Stossel: My father was hospitalized for 8 days in intensive care | people | entertainment

Through her social networks, Argentine singer Tinny Stossel I mentioned that his father Alexander Stossel, He is in intensive care.

“I must report to you in great pain My dad was hospitalized for 8 days in intensive care struggling to move on and needs the family more than everThe artist, 24, said in a statement issued on Thursday, March 10.

“My head, my body and my heart can’t focus on anything but being here for him,” the Argentine added.

translator school girl He also reported that the concerts that were scheduled to take place on March 21, 24, 25, 26 and 27 have been returned at his father’s request. “The racetrack (in Palermo) shows that we have been dreaming and preparing together for a long time. He more than anyone wants me to do it, That is why we have taken the decision to postpone it until the end of May from May 20 to 28, with the belief that he will recover and be back in first grade as always.”

In her words, it can be seen that the young singer is going through a complicated situation. “I don’t have any words or strength to continue writing, but first I want to thank you for the love and support for my father. We have faith and hope he will move forward because he is fighting so much.” With these words concludes the statement.

according to TV ShowPublished on the 4th of this month, Mr. Stossel was admitted to the Health Hospital in Trinidad, Palermo.

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according to InfobaeIn the media, talk about the health of Teni’s father spread last week, and journalist Angel de Brito reports that Alejandro began to feel uncomfortable after returning from Bolivia, the country where the young woman appeared.

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Messages of solidarity for the artist and good wishes for her father’s recovery came from several colleagues in Argentina, including two siblings. Mao and Ricky Montaner. “We love you!! Praying for your father and sending you all the love and strength in the world!” they wrote in a comment.

Colombian women Gracie Posted: “A lot of union and strength.”

As the Mexicans were expressed Dana Paula; Spanish Alejandro Sanz and Lola Indigo; your citizen Noel Shagres; Brazilian Anita Among other things.

Alejandro Stossel, 64, stands out as a producer, has been responsible for promoting his daughter Tini’s career and has also served as a camera director. He has also been part of projects such as ugly ducklingwhich was broadcast in Ecuador. (me)