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Three dwarfed actors who starred in Cine de Oro have tragic endings

Three dwarfed actors who starred in Cine de Oro have tragic endings

Margarito Esparza, “El Enano Santanón” and “Ton Ton” They were the dwarfed actors who stood out the most on the call The golden age of Mexican cinema In addition to the genetic disorder that characterized them, These playwrights also have in common that their lives ended tragically, So this time we’ll take a brief tour of the careers of these little giants of acting.

“Dwarf Santanon”

Rafael Munoz Alderet It was the name of the famous actor who became famous with the name “Dwarf Santanon”was born in San Miguel El Alto, Jalisco on October 24, 1929, and from the age of 12 began working in an art tent where he refined himself as an actor and it was in 1944 when He first appeared in the movie “Recuerdos de mi valle”, Which marks the beginning of a fruitful career in which he was able to participate in more than 50 productions.

“Dwarf Santanon” He worked alongside the greatest personalities of national cinema and due to his talent he participated in various genres such as westerns, science fiction and even wrestling films, which allowed him to remain active until the end of the seventies. was married or had children, After retiring from cinema he was accepted into an asylum in Ciudad Juárez, Where he spent the last years of his life until January 2002 A heart attack took his life at the age of 71.

“El Enano Santanón” has participated in more than fifty films. Photo: special

“Ton Ton”

Jose Rene Ruiz Martinez “Tone Ton”was born on November 22, 1932 in Tampico, Tamaulipas His childhood was very complicated Because because of his illness, the actor He was confined to his home on the instructions of his father who wanted to avoid his harassment, So this situation caused various insecurities. During his adolescence, Ruiz Martinez met a dancer who was responsible for bringing him closer to the world of entertainment, plus this woman named Rossio Gentz ​​later became his wife.

It was in 1949, when “Tun Tun” debuted in Cine de Oro With a simple intervention “King of the Neighborhood” with German Valdes “Tintin” After this first appearance, he was repeatedly seen in the films “Pachuco de Oro”. During the 1960s, Gulliver’s career, as he was also known, lost some visibility, however, In the seventies he came to prominence again thanks to his entertaining interventions in the Cine de Ficheraswhich is the kind in which it has become a standard.

The last years of the actor’s life were very unfortunate because it is known that His ex-wife robbed the fortune he had accumulated throughout his careerAs a result of which he developed deep depression, in addition, he began to suffer from various health problems that led to this A sudden heart attack that killed him in October 1993. Ton Ton spent his last days in the Casa del Octor.

The film “El Tun Tun” at the Cine de Ficheras also shone. Photo: special

Margaretto Esparza

This lovable actor was born on the 10th of June 1936 in San Ignacio, Sinaloa and despite the fact that there is very little information about his childhood and adolescence, it is known that He started his artistic career as a singer and composerHowever, at the beginning of the fifties of the last century, he ventured into acting, playing some small roles with comedic undertones in various TV shows, and this opened the doors for him to shine on the big screen. His first film was “Unknown Mariachi” (1953) with German Valdes “Tin Tan”.

This is how Margarito Esparza looked at the beginning of his career. Photo: special

After the end of Mexico’s golden cinema era, Margaretto Esparza Narváez He worked in some films in the United States and later traveled to El Salvador where he participated in various local television programs and upon his return to Mexico. The lack of opportunities in the cinema forced him to sing in public transport busesIt is noteworthy that he received some calls intermittently, so he did not completely leave the technical environment.

In the early 2000s, a career Once again, Margarito Esparza had a great drop Thanks to her participation in programs like “Al Fin de Semana”, “La pot”, “Ponchivisión”, “La Jaula”, “Vida TV”, “No Manches!” and “incognito mode”The latter two are the most successful.

It is worth noting that this second golden age in the actor’s career lasted until about 2013 when he stopped appearing on television, which made him fall into a severe financial crisis that was exacerbated by his exposure to various health complications. He died of a heart attack in May 2016.

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