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This will be Chivas de Guadalajara's eleventh start at the Apertura Championship with no calls to the Mexican Under-23 team at the Olympics and to the Tri I Liga MX Gold Cup.

This will be Chivas de Guadalajara’s eleventh start at the Apertura Championship with no calls to the Mexican Under-23 team at the Olympics and to the Tri I Liga MX Gold Cup.

Victor Manuel Vucic’s problems With Guadalajara Chivas Started from the beginning 2021 Apertura Championship on July 23, Only when the selection is The Mexican U-23 team will be in the Tokyo Olympics and the The three main colors defends his crown in The Golden Cup, because the Rugiblanco will have at least, Seven absences to start the campaign.

A few days after starting ب their pre-season jobs, King Midas will have to build his 11 start in which he will have to face the first three duels of Apertura 2021, As all the summoned items to the different national teams are practically carriers, except for Fernando Beltran and Alejandro Mayorga, both with Tri Sub-23.

Around, Vucetich summoned eight players from Club Deportivo Tapatío to complete your The team that will work throughout the pre-season He did his best to consider the first duels of the new campaign, as the demand would be unjustified for the experienced strategist who won Vote for confidence in the leadership by the end of the First Guard lanes 2021.

Who will be Chivas’ starters at Apertura 2021?

A goal keeper: Tonio Rodriguez will be the goalkeeper, considering Who closed as a major running man Chivas to enter the appendix.

Center backs: Luis Olivas and Antonio Briceño, Both elements actually played together in some duels the previous season, though الرغم Gilberto Sepulveda finished as a start Next to the young defender.

Right-back: Jesus Sanchez was well established In the recent tournaments of the Rojiblanca team, so everything points to His experience will be essential to continuing as a beginner.

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Left-back: Miguel Ponce is another player with all the confidence of a strategist, He had his ups and downs the previous season, but he knew how to prove himself at the start 11.

Midfield: Jesus Molina is the captain And while he didn’t always finish games, he’s a key man in Vucetich.

Midfielder: Sergio Flores played several exchange duels but against Monterrey, As he started as a novice, he showed his qualities, suggesting that It will be a good match for Captain Molina.

Right Hand Drive: Isaac Brizuela Another element عنصر Most important in the Holy Herd, he has never been comfortable in the previous tournament and is one of the leaders of the Rojiblanco.

Left midfielder: Eduardo Torres has earned the confidence of Vucic With his performance, he was Featured player in Liga MX And his talent makes him taken into account only in the moments when he must reach his fullest potential.

Attacker: Angel Zaldivar ended up as one of the strikers who made Vucetich into doubt About making it the headline or using it Jose Juan Macías. Chelo became the attacking man Than change more imbalance.

Attacker: Ronaldo Cisneros was the top scorer with Tapatio in Guard1anes 2021, that have been incorporated into this campaign In Chivas Preseason. His nose and scoring speed can be dangerous for any opponent.