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Peru national team: Gianluca Lapadula recharges batteries and tours Lima in 2021 Copa America preview

Peru national team: Gianluca Lapadula recharges batteries and tours Lima in 2021 Copa America preview

Gianluca Lapadula He is a moment player Choose Peru And he has already won the hearts of the two-color fans after his brilliant match in the 2-1 win over Ecuador, in Quito, for Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

The Benevento striker took advantage of the days off after the double history of the play-off matches. He announced on social networks that he walked with his family through Lima and arrived at a famous restaurant in front of the sea.

In the photo was appreciated Gianluca Lapadula She dressed casually on the premises and was definitely the center of customer attention.

The Peruvian national team ‘9’ will return to the Peruvian national team training on Friday, which is now preparing to compete in the 2021 Copa America, a Group B competition with hosts Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

“We fight together and give everything on the field as a real team. Now let’s continue like this!” Lapadula In one of his last Instagram messages about the big victory over Ecuador.

“Gianluca Lapadula is a true leader”

Gianluca Lapadula He is the player of the moment. The 31-year-old striker was the best player in the surprise win for Choose Peru before Ecuador, In Quito, on the eighth date of the Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

Lapadula Not only has he been praised by the press in Peru and South America, Benevento sporting director Pascual Foggia also highlighted his actions against Ecuador. Consider him a “true leader”.

“I am happy for what he is facing with his Peruvian team. Gianluca is an exceptional man and he is a real leader,” said the coach, who emphasized that Lapadola had performed well in his season in Serie A.

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