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This was the first concert of RBD’s “Soy Rebelde Tour” (and the surprise message from Poncho Herrera to his buddies)

This was the first concert of RBD’s “Soy Rebelde Tour” (and the surprise message from Poncho Herrera to his buddies)

After 15 years, RBD is back on stage to reunite with its audience and sing hits like Save me, keep silent And to be or look like. 25 August last The Soy Rebelde Tour has begun.which he will visit countries such as United States, Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Hours before the ceremony, Alfonso Herrera surprised him with a message to his colleagues.

The premiere took place on Sun Bowl Stadium It is located in El Paso, Texas It was attended by more than 50 thousand fans from different countries To see Anahi Points, Maite Peroni, Cristian Chavez, Christopher Aukermann, and Dulce Maria perform the songs that made them famous.

When the theme chords started behind me The applause of those present began. “After many years, together again, and we are all very close,” said Christopher Aukerman. Then Dulce Maria completed it by saying:Thank you for remembering us, thank you for not forgetting usTo which the audience responded with shouts and applause.

Each of the five artists and their fans could not hide The joy and passion that the show generated in them. During the more than two hours of the concert there was no shortage of hit songs like A little of your love, close to you, that’s me, there’s still some love, when love is over, Among other things.

One of the most emotional moments of the night was when they performed rebel, The famous song from the series. Anahi, Maite, Christian, Christopher, and Dulce Maria They took the stage in classic attire Features the red jacket, white shirt, and red tie.

@antonio_betancourt The coolest moment of the night #Rebeldy Tour #RBD #texas #Reunion ♬ original sound – Antonio Betancourt

It was another special moment Explanation this love, By Dulce Maria and Christopher, who were a married couple in the history of the series. Just like Anahi sang Save me, In chorus with the audience.

before the ceremony

Days before the concert, each member exchanged messages of tension and excitement for their first reunion performance. Dulce Maria asked that God take care of everyone involved in the production of the tour.

While Anahi shared a video showing how to prepare the production team. “I guess I’m not done sizing up what we’re about to try. Mighty Peroni said, “My heart explodes with joy and at the same time I feel a strange loving calm full of peace.”

Although not part of I’m a rebel tourbecause He is focusing on his side as an actor and has no desire to return to musicAlfonso Herrera also shared a message hours before his former teammates took to the stage.

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“Success on tour, big hugs and always the best!” It was the message he sent via his X account (formerly Twitter), to all RBD members.

This generated a positive response from the group’s fans, who thanked him for his well-wishes and told him that he would always be a part of the group. The others tell him they will miss him on stage.