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This was Carlos Calderon’s return to television after his departure from Disperta América |  uses

This was Carlos Calderon’s return to television after his departure from Disperta América | uses

Seven months passed before Carlos Calderón returned to the television screen with a piece. The Mexican broadcaster is back Telemundo, this time as a special guest. Let us remember that at the beginning of 2023, the 48-year-old journalist found himself in an unexpected situation when he was removed from “America wake up”Univision Morning Star.

No evil lasts 100 years, although sometimes it can be months. This seems to be the motto of Carlos Calderon, who appeared on television again after saying goodbye to the morning program “Despierta América” ​​at the beginning of 2023.

The presenter was part of an important achievement for “Despierta América” ​​(Photo: Carlos Calderón/Instagram)

but, Telemundo This allowed the TV journalist to go back to his favorite hometown and be able to do a bit of the news segment on “Today”. Although it is necessary to specify that he did it as a guest.

And one day he came back: Carlos Calderón on Telemundo

On Monday, August 14, the Telemundo group received a very special visit by hosting Carlos Calderón, one of the most beloved figures in the Spanish environment and who until recently was part of the Univision family.

Tomorrow, Monday, August 14th today We are delighted to have Carlos Calderón as announcer. We are waiting for you at 7 am / 6 pm on Telemundo”, was the announcement of the Instagram profile of the morning show “Hoy Día” last Sunday the 13th.

Carlos Calderón appeared on ‘Today’ (Photo: Carlos Calderón/Instagram)

Thus, on Monday the 14th of this week, Calderón appeared on “Hoy Día” after his sudden departure from Univision. In this way, the communicator has combined the special delivery of the program with Daniel Arenas, Penelope Menchaca and Andrea Mesa.

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“Today I started something new. Thank you all for the cheers.”Calderón indicated through social networks, along with a photo from the morning studio.

Netizens applauded Carlos Calderon’s return to television

Many netizens commented that Calderon’s departure from Univision left an irreplaceable void in television. For this reason, more than one person has praised its presence on Telemundo, precisely on the same morning that it competes directly with “Despierta América”.

“It gives the spark that this program needs,” he said.What they despise elsewhere is that they receive it “,” He’s a good leader, I hope he stays “,” I hope he’s the one who gives the sparkle to this program because it’s so far away “,” It’s about time “, “How good he is, I like Carlitos because he is so professional”, “Congratulations, I’ll see you tomorrow”, “Bravo, great driver and human being”, “Tomorrow I see the show for him”, “Congratulations, I’ll do it for him, let’s see”, “Please Leave it, let it stay, Some of the comments made were in favor of the journalist.