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No filter: Jennifer Lopez shared her beauty routine to stay “glam and happy” at 54

No filter: Jennifer Lopez shared her beauty routine to stay “glam and happy” at 54

Jennifer Lopez showed off her beauty routine every morning Credit: IG/jlo

Few women, even in show business, keep themselves in such good shape Jennifer Lopez. Not only is her lush figure the envy of millions around the world, but so is her almost flawless complexion, giving her looks that could be half her age.

How did JLo manage to stay practically intact at 54? Well, the singer and actress shared one of her secrets with her followers.

In a video with caption “Unfiltered. Totally #ThisIsMe now at fifty-four, radiant and happy”Lopez emerged from the photo wearing a fluffy robe with her last name written in gold letters, her hair in a bun and her face completely washed. Jennifer celebrated her birthday on July 24, and while many people may not take it well to be 54, JLo Admits It’s ‘Better Than Ever’She shows her followers what her beauty routine looks like every morning.

Jennifer Lopez mocked netizens who said she did not use her brand’s products

Before the routine began, Jennifer mocked comments that she didn’t use her own cosmetics, which Jennifer called “pure lies,” as she turned her camera and showed off JLO Beauty’s sizable arsenal of products.

Next, JLo applied the Jlo Glow Serum, a brightening and firming serum with niacinamide added, which she smoothed all over her face, followed by topping her moisturizer with sunscreen. At this point, JLo confessed who has been using sunscreen since she was in her twentiesresulting in a delay in skin aging.

Jennifer Lopez admitted that she has been using sunscreen for over 30 years

“I’ve been using sunscreen every single day since I was twenty. You have to start at a very young age.“, repeated Jennifer Lopez to her followers. The businesswoman also ended the video with a brief message: “There are no filters or retouching in this video.”

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The video racked up nearly 50,000 likes and hundreds of comments, some celebrating Lopez’s stunning looks at her age and others ranting and asserting that Jennifer has stayed in great shape thanks to plastic surgery.

Thank you for showing us how healthy, balanced, fit and beautiful women can be after 50″, “God I’m only 28 years old and my face looks like I’m older than you”, “There is definitely a filter on this video. or special lighting. I’ve seen other pictures of her and she looks different than this video. I’m not saying it doesn’t look great, but it’s a little misleading, ”are some of the comments that can be read in Jennifer Lopez’s video.

A surgeon considered JLo had a procedure to lighten her skin (REUTERS/Mike Blake)

Repeatedly, The “Queen of the Bronx” confirmed that she had never undergone plastic surgery or a treatment such as Botox. However, the plastic surgeon Hector Valdes It was announced at the time that JLo had therapy lighten your skina procedure that, according to the surgeon, is very popular with Latin celebrities.

another surgeon Stephen Mulhollandshe considered that JLo’s face looked more oval than when she first started to succeed in Hollywood, which would be a sign that at some point in her career she used facial fillers.

JLo’s video comes just days after the multi-faceted actress shared photos from her trip to Italy to celebrate her birthday. Lopez wore a tiny bikini which reiterates the Queen of the Bronx’s status as one of the most desirable women in Hollywood.

Jennifer Lopez wore a tiny bikini on the Italian coast

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