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This is Kim Kardashian’s reaction when her daughter, North, publicly revealed that she had dyslexia

This is Kim Kardashian’s reaction when her daughter, North, publicly revealed that she had dyslexia

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter revealed in a TikTok broadcast that she suffers from dyslexia (Photo: @kimkardashian/Instagram)

The troubled daughter of socialite Kim Kardashian continues to do her thing on social networks. This week, North West hosted a live stream with her mother on their joint TikTok account, where the 10-year-old decided to reveal more than her personal information to her followers. This surprised Kardashian, who did not like her daughter’s innocent gesture at all.

The little girl has shown that she is easy on TikTok and Typical celebrity theatrical performance. That’s why the mother and daughter enjoy sharing funny videos on the social media network that have easily gone viral due to their antics and craziness.

During a recent live broadcast on Wednesday, the outgoing North Korean surprised her fans by telling them about a diagnosis that was not known to everyone. “Guys, I have dyslexia. “Do you even know what this is?” Kanye West’s eldest daughter asked.. The American businesswoman, stunned by her daughter’s audacity, responded by trying to maintain her composure. “Northy, are you sure you’re saying everything here?”

For some time now, North West has demonstrated the ease and theatricality of a celebrity (Best Photo/The Grosby Group)

Meanwhile, the little girl ignored her mother’s comment and asked the audience if she should “release an album.” This seemed to have exhausted the patience of the SKIMS founder, as she threatened, among other jokes, to leave and end the broadcast. “I’m leaving this live now,” Kardashian replied. “Because you’re saying too much. By the way, I’m not talking about the things you’re going through.”

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according to Mayo ClinicDyslexia is a learning disorder. If officially confirmed, she is the second great-granddaughter of Kris Jenner “They will have difficulty reading because of problems recognizing speech sounds and learning to associate them with letters and words.” The condition changes the way the brain processes written language.

Kim Kardashian and her daughter are constantly creating new content on their TikTok account @kimandnorth, which includes everything from fun performances between them and different characters to frequent live streams together. The videos they post are obviously homemade and recorded by themselves. Together or separately and They are backed by various current or old songs, as in the case of ABBA’s famous song, Money Money Money..

Even while on vacation in Tokyo in August this year, they were encouraged to record a TikTok where they recreated the old look of Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, the father of the famous “Northie.” In the post, the girl is wearing a look reminiscent of the suit her father wore while performing on Total Request Live in 2004. The video shows North and Kim singing the hit song. American boy to Estelle In collaboration with the controversial Rapper who He is currently married to Bianca Sensori since December 2022. With this video, Kardashian showed that there is no animosity between them after their divorce.

Kim Kardashian and Yee first confirmed their relationship in June 2012 after years of friendship and were married from 2014 to 2022. The couple has four children: north10 years, the Saintfrom 7, chicagofrom 5, and psalmout of 4.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian with their children Saint and North West