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This is how Carlos Rivera responded to criticisms of the alleged aesthetic arrangement

This is how Carlos Rivera responded to criticisms of the alleged aesthetic arrangement

Few days ago the driver of Vintanindo, Daniel Ned Create a big controversy critics what did he do Physicist Carlos Rivera; Which is that in the full live broadcast he confirmed it revisionWhat did the singer do? in the face, specifically in the eyebrows, it was not a good thing.

Bisogno’s words reached the ears of the former academic who Take it as a jokeBut he did not hesitate to respond to the comments: “Dear Danny, believe it or not, I’ve never touched my eyebrows. I’ve had them since I was a kid”He explained in a message posted on his official Twitter account.

“I don’t like it being too arched and defined, but it’s true. What are we going to do with it.”The actor also added and so that there is no doubt about his words, he even included a picture when he was just a little boy.

For his part, Al-Mouni also sent a new message explaining that it was just a remark and made it clear that he had nothing against him, on the contrary, he expressed his great admiration: “Dear Carlitos, you know the immense affection and admiration and friendship which unites us, you know, knowing that it is all gossip, you are the most handsome of all, but I have seen her so arched!He said on the same social network.

The translator’s followers did not take long to express their support and at the same time fill it with praise: “Carlos Rivera, you don’t even have to bother explaining it. Let everyone believe what they want!” ; “Your eyebrows are divine. They frame those big eyes,” “beautiful since childhood. And those big eyes that make you fall in love, you can see that you were so cute when you were a kid”Some comments were from users.

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