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"We are not friends", Plutarco Haza reveals his current relationship with Ludwika Paletta

“We are not friends”, Plutarco Haza reveals his current relationship with Ludwika Paletta

When the actor talked about the hardest thing he faced as a father, the actor said: “Divorce is hard, but I tried it at first as a son, for me it was the hardest thing when I was my son, my parents divorced and that was the first big blow in my life, and it obviously helped me when I got divorced, I was more careful with my son, he had a therapist, and we were always on the lookout.

“I talk to him a lot and now we have a great relationship, thanks to all the work that’s been done, obviously it’s always going to be painful, it’s always going to be tough, but I think it was the best you can see and he’s a super guy, and I think it was very rewarding that Be aware of them, because we knew it would be painful.” Plutarch.

For Plutarco and Ludwika, the most important thing is cooperation when their son Nicholas needs them, but they are not friends.

about his relationship with LouisAnd the Haz He explained, “Everyone lives their life, we are not friends, we never create friendship, we are completely different, each one takes different paths, but when there is a problem, we form a team to help NicholasShe always knows that she depends on me and I know that I depend on her, and that is the essential.

“We are partners in this project and in this company named NicholasAnd we have it very clear, we don’t need more, there are times when couples become friends later, it didn’t happen to us, but we don’t need it, I think she has many friends and I have many friends,” he added Plutarch.

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