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My body will change: Sarah Maldonado is loyal, because of surgeries

My body will change: Sarah Maldonado is loyal, because of surgeries

In order to avoid false rumors, ‘My Body Will Change’ was revealed by a new transmission, on its own an actress Sarah MaldonadoShe was honest with her followers, to whom she revealed that she would undergo two surgeries and explained the reasons herself.

A few years ago, Sarah MaldonadoShe conquered the small screen with her beauty and charisma in TV series such as “El Juego de La Vida”, along with Valentino Lanús, “Clase 406” or “Corazones al Limit”, recently to social networks to share the reason why she decided to take action. Two surgeries.

Honest and candid, home of Xalapa, Veracruz, Sarah Maldonado Fuentes, has opened up about why he will take her to the operating room soon, actress”spoiled“He wanted to anticipate before the false rumors surrounding the details of his new intervention, ‘Diary of my next work,'” read the post from his Instagram account.

The ex-wife of producer Billy Rosfar used her social media platform to share with her followers why she entered the operating room: “July 5th is going to be an important day for me and I thank you for your kind reactions and all your love.”

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“I hope everyone sends me very good vibes, light a candle, a little light,” the 41-year-old actress asked her followers. Sarah Maldonado will undergo breast surgery.

“Are you going to remove the implants?”

I don’t want to demonize the topics that there is so much controversy about because they are bad, I imagine there are many women who, like me from 20 years ago, would like to wear prosthetics, that was part of the message of a beautiful actress.

The Mexican artist, who thanked her fans for their unconditional support, shared the news as she points out, sometimes social networks deceive people, thanks to filters and other apps, so she repeated, “You want to be transparent” and let them know. That “their body will change.”

He said my prosthetics are very old and eventually expire, so I decided to take advantage of this time because I’ve been on vacation since the beginning.

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In the same way, the remembered “young actress” shared what this procedure would be like, which, in connection with which, does not seem so complicated.

Only, it would be a very simple thing, and they would remove it and with my natural fatness, they would accommodate me so that everything would fall into place.

Maldonado Fuentes, who has previously been revealed at the head of the cover of H magazine, commented that he is taking advantage of this advantage, he will also undergo another surgery. He commented: “On the recommendation of doctors, I will do a “fat sculpting”:

It’s a very simple ‘lipid sculpting’, let’s say they will remove all those ‘chubby’, in my case, the fat that accumulates behind my back.

The heroine of the novel “The World of Monsters” explains that, despite all the attempts and routine exercises to limit this area, she was not able to achieve this.

And he reiterated that these are things I have not been able to reduce, and which I have always wanted to do.

At first, the translator revealed that she was very reluctant to be encouraged by the large number of doubts she had on the subject, and then, she was worried about what they would think of her decision as well as the message she would convey.

However, he eventually made the decision, even though he also stated that he supports people who oppose this type of practice.

Sarah Maldonado, who was remembered for being one of the winners of the “Heraldo de Mexico” contest, shared that although she avoids using filters in her photos, she is not against them, rather they generate fun for her.

He also shares that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have surgery, doing exercise for several hours, if that works for you, or doing a “detox” with fasting or some other beauty treatment, what I’ve been looking for is to be honest with you, repeat to users who follow your account.

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The Mexican, who played a character in “Queen of the South” and joined the ranks of Telemundo in 2010, addressed rumors of her alleged “departure,” which she also joked about at the start of the broadcast, saying hello. For fans “from the outside”.

Concluded “Theater Actress” who continues to respond to other threads about her plans as a mom, I’m going to have a knife and for sure after that I’ll have to do a lot of work to keep it up.