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"Thin skin does not go away in America";  Alvaro Morales hits Ochoa Mediotempo

“Thin skin does not go away in America”; Alvaro Morales hits Ochoa Mediotempo

Mexico City /

Show Alvaro Morales In social networks That Guillermo Ochoa prevented him on twitter after Criticisms thrown at him driver ESPN. until, Morales was upset And he returned to throw himself against the Azulcrema goalkeeper.

At the end of the second leg of the inaugural 2022 semi-finals where The eagles have been eliminated Lost 3-2 on aggregate to Toluca.

after the match, Morales started criticizing team members and posted a photo with Ochoa withholding Reverses the action of the goalkeeper who was asked to “stop the balls”.

In other postsÁlvaro questioned fans about the team’s level after the 1-1 draw in VoltaIn addition to the changes that the institution must now implement by 2023 and achieve the desired title.

Toluca awaits his opponent in the Grand Final. Rayados and Pachuca set the second semi-finals This Sunday at the Steel Giant.

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