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Marathon and Real Spain tied in a fierce confrontation in Yankel Rosenthal

Marathon and Real Spain tied in a fierce confrontation in Yankel Rosenthal


Welcome to the minute by minute marathon against Real Spain!

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the gameMarathon 0-0 Real Spain

The end of the first half: Real Spain was more than that, but it did not go beyond the goalless draw against Marathon at Jankel Rosenthal.

40′ yellow! Luis Vega, a marathon player, has been warned for a foul.

38′ yellow! Real Spain’s Luis Garrido has been booked for a foul against Francisco Martinez.

36′ Damien Ramirez tried it with a direct free kick but it crossed the long post for Boba Lopez’s goal.

32 ‘ Luis Vega’s shot that did not affect the goal of Luis Lopez. We continue 0-0 in the Sampedrano derby.

23 ‘ Real Spain runs the match, but without a goal. Those of Hector Vargas are ineffective.

fifteen’ A marathon has been moved but Real Spain is running the match as it pleases. Professors want first in the game.

6′ Real Spain closer to the goal. Junior Footman is now forgiven. Uruguay goalkeeper sends it to the corner kick.

3′ Uyyy… the savior of the esp. Joe Benavides, via a free throw, almost puts the ball past Victor Garcia. They hit the leg.

¡I started! At the start of the match, Real stunned Spain and Carlos Bernardez missed the first chance in 17 seconds. Caution does not take advantage of the attacker’s device.

After a few tense moments, calm returned outside Yankel Rosenthal. Few of the fans got into the Sampdrano container.

The head of the marathon, Orenson Amaya, spoke with some members of the team bar because some members wanted to tear down the gate that gives access to the advantage.

A group of marathon fans fight with the National Police outside Yankel Rosenthal Stadium.

The defects appear first. Marathon fans beat Real Spain fans who were approaching the Porcelain Stadium. Some were stripped of their black gold clothes.

Our press team is already on the premises of the Sampdrano Derby and they will give us every detail of what is happening around and before the game.

Welcome to the minute by minute Sampdrano derby between Marathon and Real Spain from the Jankel Rosenthal Stadium.


marathon He has the task of defeating his archenemy, Royal Spainin the classic Sampdrano this cloudy afternoon in Yankel Rosenthal Starting at 3:15 pm.

The purslane as well as the aurinegros have to add three in this match, which makes it a very fun game that promises good football.

While it is true that both are in high positions and are only threatened by win over. Royal Spain It is fifth with 22 units and marathon Sixth with 20. Whoever wins wins and if he loses milk, he will ensure they are in the replay.

The man will come to this match after the draw at Port Siba against life. Similarly, the machine, in an inaccurate match, tied against Olympia On a midweek date.

Yes Yes Manolo Keossian And his kids want to play in a league, and they have to break the stats, the ones that say that Royal Spain He played four matches without losing to The Beast in the league.

match sheet

reason: Game date 15 of the opening 2022

stadium: Yankel Rosenthal, San Pedro Sula

broadcast: TVC

hour: 3:15 pm

Rule: Sylvain Brown

Possible lineups:

marathon: Victor Garcia Javier Arriaga, Alans Vargas, Sergio Peña, Felix Crisanto; Isaac Castillo, Francisco Martinez, Juan Vieira, Damien Ramirez; Lucas Campana and Clavin Zuniga.

Royal Spain: Bubba Lopez, Kevin Alvarez, Devron Garcia, Getsel Montes, Franklin Flores; Myron Flores, Joe Benavides, Carlos Mejia, Junior Lacayo; Ramiro Roca and Carlos Bernardez.