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They reveal the things Queen Elizabeth asked to be buried

They reveal the things Queen Elizabeth asked to be buried

Last Monday, September 19, the ceremony was held to bid farewell to Elizabeth II, who ruled the British monarchy for 70 years. The farewell, after public events, was held in private for his family at the King George VI Memorial Chapel in Windsor.

The coffin in which the queen rested forever was sealed with lead, a heavy metal, and carried by eight soldiers on the tour that took place in various places before her burial.

Among the many intriguing things that this event brought, one of the most remarkable was what the Queen took with her to the tomb, which many claimed were objects of value and importance to her.

However, things were not as strange as many believed, with sources close to the royal family claiming that Elizabeth II was buried only with her wedding ring made of Welsh gold, as well as a pair of pearl earrings.

Despite various rumors about the supposed comforts and whims of the former monarch, there are those who claim that she was buried with fewer accessories and valuables, compared to her relatives.

For example, there is the case of Queen Victoria, who was buried in her husband’s robe, his hand splint, a lock of hair, and a picture of her favorite servant, with whom she was rumored to have an affair.

Thus, among Elizabeth’s belongings left outside her coffin, as well as her crown – made of about 3,000 diamonds and dozens of other jewelry – was the orb, which was another symbol of power.

Therefore, the doubts of those who asked how much wealth the British could have taken to accompany her forever, are resolved by the knowledge that she decided only to take her wedding ring and some pearls.

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