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Extraordinary!: US University will offer lessons to study Bad Bunny

Extraordinary!: US University will offer lessons to study Bad Bunny

San Diego, United States.

¡bad bunny It is a global phenomenon! Singer Tate asked me He continues to have the achievements of his great adventures that make him the great reference for world pop culture, and on this occasion, although he has little to do with it, he has sparked an academic show of University of San Diego Who plans to study its social impact and teach its students.

This isn’t the first time such an event has happened since before, as the same institution would have been giving lessons on the Texas singer Selena Quintanilla.

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It’s still unknown when these Puerto Rican singer lessons will start, and we know they’ll be in charge of them Nathan Shay Rodriguezassistant director of Journalism and Media Studies.

Lectures about him at a university San Diego They will deal with the social impact that the Puerto Rican singer has had.

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The same academic responsible for these classes shared on his Twitter account how important it is to make these issues visible through music and how successful he is in doing so BadBunny.

It was the professor who gave an interview to a local media where he said that the reggaeton singer has been raised and appreciated at various global levels.

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