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From the pool, Yanet García parades in cheerful lingerie

From the pool, Yanet García parades in cheerful lingerie

Yanet Garcia traveled to the United States to fulfill her dream of becoming a personal trainer @iamyanetgarcia

Coquette just like her, Yanette Garcia She dared to post a photo where she left more than one with square eyes, because she was wearing pink lace underwear with yellow details that made her look more than sensual and beautiful.

It was through your account Instagram out of MontereyAnd the new lionthe adorable postcard of his nearly 15 million followers under the title “Sunday” (Sunday), for which they thanked him with an outpouring of Likes And comments where they did not stop declaring their love for him.


This same image was placed in his stories where the social network dynamic began. In this he greeted everyone in English (hello) and left the answer box for his contacts to write whatever they want. Despite not seeing the answers, the most natural thing is that his ego has gone to heaven after many shows of affection and praise.

Yanet Garcia drives her fans crazy

Although the photography is very sensual, Yanette Garcia Has the firm intention of ending driving your contacts crazy and causing them to join your list of subscribers Only the fansa platform where she became the queen, as she is one of the most sought-after Mexicans.

On recent dates, he has been boasting about the result of hard-working workouts in the gym. Whether she is at the beach, the pool, or wherever, she always shines with her beauty and amazing physique. Likewise, she always wears the clothes she wants more than a girl in her wardrobe.

Yanet Garcia is the Queen of the Seas (Photo: IGdievkophoto)

Little or much is noticed in the social networks of Yanette Garciais the result of his hard work after leaving Hoy where he devoted himself to giving news on behalf of “weather girl”In addition to being an actress, she started her career in the fitness world. Now, she is a certified personal trainer and seems ready to take on the world.

Yant Garcia was once known as the ‘climate girl’ (Photo: IGdievkophoto)

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