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They found six secret graves with corpses in Colima

They found six secret graves with corpses in Colima

COLIMA, Col. (proceso.com.mx). – Agents from the State Prosecutor’s Office (FGE) have exhumed six bodies and bones that were found inside secret graves located on land located on the La Estación-Caleras highway of the municipality of Tecuman.

The Judicial Procurement Agency reported that the care was carried out based on compliance with a search warrant at that location.

She indicated that as a result of investigation and intelligence work carried out by the Office of the Special Prosecutor on Disappearances of Persons, a court order was obtained, elements of that unit conducted reconnaissance and searches on the ground, and were able to locate six people. Secret tombs from which the same number of bodies and skeletal remains were exhumed.

At the discovery site, specialized personnel collected evidence for sampling the genetic profile, which was taken to the laboratories of FGE Expert Services and forensic sciences for analysis and scientific studies.

The property was insured by the ministerial body, in addition to various indications; While the exhumed human remains were sent to the genetics laboratory of the Directorate of Expert Services and Forensic Sciences of the FGE for extensive study.

Agents of the Public Prosecution Office of the Public Prosecutor for Disappearances, elements of the investigative police, members of the specialized anti-kidnapping unit, and personnel from the expert services and forensic sciences participated in these proceedings; The Secretary of the Navy, the State Preventive Police, the State Commission for the Search of Persons in the State of Colima, the Council for the Collective Search for Solidarity, the Disappeared Search Network AC

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The government indicated that it continues to investigate and search for the whereabouts of the disappeared persons in the entity, in coordination with the three government orders and groups of the disappeared, to determine their location, clarify the facts and find those responsible for them. This whip.