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"They forced" Cuba to become a dictatorship to defend itself, says Silvio Rodriguez

“They forced” Cuba to become a dictatorship to defend itself, says Silvio Rodriguez

Singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez considers that there are “Orthodox sectors of the Cuban government that have obstructed the changes” agreed at the last two congresses of the Cuban Communist Party, and although he does not clarify who he is referring to, it follows that he does not count among them the current President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who edits It arrows because it considers that it understands the “need to break a certain deadlock” and issues laws to prove it. “It’s all hopeful,” he says.

It was the troubadour to interview by chilean magazine WorshipBroker Member thirdand responsible Cubadepati He reproduced the entire conversation without editing, although this means that words that would not consciously appear in that medium, among them the categorization of the dictatorship of the Cuban government, slip into its space. Rodriguez went so far as to admit to qualifying for the Cuban regime, although, in his opinion, he would be forced by circumstances.

Although he doesn’t say who he’s referring to, it follows that he does not include incumbent President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is freeing him from arrows because he considers that he understands “the need to break a deadlock”.

“They have been strangling Cuba for more than 60 years, attacking and slandering it, and when it defends itself it is a dictatorship. Perhaps, they have forced it to be one to some extent. Who forced it? The greatest dictatorship of the planet: the selfish, the money dictatorship, the one that doesn’t believe in love Rather, usury,” when asked what he feels when he hears a word associated with the island government.

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Rodriguez was asked about the July 11 demonstrations, after which the musician emphasized that prisoners who protested peacefully should be released. The singer-songwriter insists that the “merciless embargo” imposed by the “imperial regime for 62 years and” Trump’s “243 additional stifling measures” have added to the position of the current US President, Joe Biden, who has not backed away in any of them. And the pandemic has combined all This, he says, leads to the emergence of “expressions of exhaustion.”

However, although the singer is still partially unhappy with how the authorities intervened that day, he believes that there could be worse punishments. “The government may misqualify the people who are protesting; but the error in words is one thing and another entirely is sending battle tanks and armed forces to their teeth to shoot their guns at the crowd, killing and emptying the eyes of the demonstrators, as I have seen what happens in other countries,” he responds. When asked whether calling the protesters mercenaries or criminals respects the rights of citizens.

The post cites hundreds of detainees with Kobalex as a source, a reference that still exists in a copy Cubadepati.

The Cuban singer-songwriter stresses the evils brought about by the blockade and proves them by claiming that if it were not so, it would have been eliminated by now. “If those who designed it didn’t think it was essential, they would have already raised it. This was the perfect policy to prove Cuba’s thesis failure. Why don’t they bring it up? Is it because they don’t?” , the artist asks rhetorically, then replies:

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“They suspect that we would be a more supportive country, a country that would probably manufacture and distribute vaccines in all the countries where there are none, in many places where those who rule don’t care about their people. Cuba without the embargo would be a more generous country, and solidarity, that is, A terrible danger to global selfishness.” Despite the rhetoric, Rodriguez admitted: “Of course, the blockade is not solely responsible for the difficulties we are facing.”

Silvio Rodriguez also talks about Patria y Vida, a message that, in his opinion, is a “beautiful motto” already devised by Fidel Castro, inspired by a girl who was present while he was speaking at school. He claimed that he asked for his opinion on the lyrics, “I have no concern about its repetition, although it is necessary for me to say ‘drop the siege first.'” As for the song, he asserts, she did not hear it because it is “related to another kind of music.”

Silvio Rodriguez also talks about Patria y Vida, a message that, in his opinion, is a “beautiful motto” actually devised by Fidel Castro inspired by a girl who was present while he was speaking at a school

The artist also demands that his son Silvito Libre – whom he describes as a prominent rapper – be mentioned among the urban musicians who are critical of the ruling party, admits that there are many young people against the revolution but considers that there are also others who are not in opposition and are not advertised. “A large part of the world press is focused on that. Every day we are on the front pages,” says the singer-songwriter, who insists there is some kind of conspiracy to punish Cuba “for daring to be herself.”

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As for his colleagues of his generation who have recently criticized the regime, Like Pablo Milanes, Leo Brewer or Chucho Valdes, Rodriguez he is strong. He asserts that he knows and admires them and that he partially agrees. “I heard what Liu said, and of course I share it. He didn’t say a single thing he didn’t say in Cuba. We’ve been friends for more than half a century, and I’m aware of his humanity, his deep commitment to our country and even his radical anti-imperialism,” Trench.

In the interview, the journalist is also interested in the artist’s fears of transcendence. “Are you worried about your legacy, what is said about you after you are gone?” “I have been very fortunate – answers Rodriguez -. In life, I have been able to see some songs that I composed alive for several decades. I am very grateful for that, but I have no illusions.”


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