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Actress Adamari Lopez may debut a new instrumentalist

Actress Adamari Lopez may debut a new instrumentalist

Today any news regarding one of the drivers and Favorite Actresses Obviously, TV will debut a new lover, we’re talking about Adamari Lopez who was seen with a buddy very close to her.

It is worth noting that these are some of the rumors that came out a little while ago, when she and several girlfriends were apparently having a nice night out to celebrate someone’s birthday.

It’s strange that the four beautiful women used the same green dress design, although we’ll focus only this time Adamari LopezIt was important to mention that the four of them looked amazing and beautiful.

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The current judge of reality show Así Se Baila has appeared on some Instagram stories, accompanied by a man who, according to TV and Notes magazine, could be her. The new lover as they claimBecause she was not separated from her.

The party this weekend in a restaurant took place at night apparently so the lights were more prominent.

Adamari López could launch a new heart, according to Instagram adamarilopez

After her divorce from Tony Costa, it seems that the beautiful actress who co-stars as one of the protagonists of the TV series Amigas y Rivales, could have been given another love opportunity, which is not confirmed at the moment.

Since they broke up on more than one occasion, many rumors emerged about the new couples, which were talked about a lot with his reality show partner where Kimberly Loisa and Juan de Dios Pantoga participated, Judge Christian de la Fuente.

without the need to Adamari Lopez She has been tasked with denying these assumptions, surely at the moment when she would rather focus on her work, her daughter and above all on herself.

With this impressive physical change she’s made, it wouldn’t be surprising if suitors are knocking on her door and lining up so they can go out with her on a date or at least have a chat with beautiful Puerto Ricans.

At the moment, no further details have been released about the supposed new lover of the flirtatious driver, it was probably just a coincidence that they appeared together at the said party, although there is a possibility that it was someone close to her as a friend.

Much has been said about a possible reconciliation with Tony Costa, the father of her daughter, but on several occasions the actress has made it clear that she will not return with him, as a result of an act of love, but only towards herself. Like millions of women.

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