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Octavio Ocaña, the supposed friend, guarantees that he will break up with Nerea Godeniz

Octavio Ocaña, the supposed friend, guarantees that he will break up with Nerea Godeniz

This Monday, November 29, is exactly one month since the passing of the beloved Octavio Okana And information and statements about what happened and the personalities around him continue to appear, and his fiancée is an essential part, Nerea Godeniz.

Once again it is clear in this story that he is supposed to be the best friend Octavio Okana, who confirmed that the actor To give life to Benito Rivers in the Televisa Vecinos series, he wanted to break up with his girlfriend, Nerea Godínez, two weeks before the unfortunate events that led to his departure occurred.

It was Dale Queiroz of Arguende TV who shared in a video on his YouTube channel the alleged statement that the young man was going to release on social networks, in which he confirmed that “Tavito” did not want to be next to the girl.

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Despite rumors that those words might be unleashed, the youngster did not appear to have given further details on why Octavio Ocaña would want to break up with Nerea Godenez if pictures of the happy, in-love-and-enjoying son came to light. Famous young social networks.

Hear what Dale shared Here

They say that Octavio Ocaña wanted to break up with Nerea Godenez. Photo: Instagram.

It is clear that these words are added to everyone who asserts that the fiancée of the beloved representative of Vecinus, as well as her companions, must be investigated on November 29 in search of clarification of the facts.

The truth is that social networks have been filled with images and alleged arguments against Nerea Godenez, but nothing can be taken for granted until there is real evidence and essentially a lack of dissociation from what really matters, who was responsible for Octavio’s departure?

The thing that pleased netizens the most is that apparently according to the same journalist shared by Dale Queiroz, the Perez Ocania family is no longer viewed with the same esteem or confidence towards Godinez, which could mean a clear investigation towards who the couple was. Televisa star.

Meanwhile, a month after his departure, the father Octavio Okana He continues the struggle to find those responsible for what happened to his son and to clarify the events of the memorable October 29th that took him away at the age of only 22 and filled with dreams and plans.

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