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“They didn’t treat me well there.”


Houston. Mauricio Dupont Live a dream moment in big leagues. He excelled facing the team that gave him the opportunity to play in the elite small ball, but he does not forget that his wings were clipped overnight and he was taken in by Houston.

The moment that Dupont He had hoped since the 2023 calendar would turn out exactly as he expected it to. This Monday night was amazing for the man born on it San Pedro Sula Where he appeared at bat.

Dubon was traded from San Francisco Giants to Houston on May 14 last year for a receiver, Mike Baberski, who was fired after a month.

When he came out with his first turn, the revenge began. He had three hits, including a go-ahead run in the seventh, and also scored two runs and stole a base in the Astros’ 7-3 victory. San Francisco.

“I set this series as soon as the schedule came out,” Dupont said before the game, adding that he had never done it before and being traded to Houston “It was the best thing in my career, to get out there and be able to come here and win a world championship.”

Then, at the end of the game, he made statements and explained that leaving San Francisco had affected him. “I wasn’t treated the right way there (at the Giants), so for me to come here and start a family here and be able to play like I do now, I just think the human side of me shows,” he said. .

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He went on to explain his moment and praise what it does for him, the manager, Dusty Baker. “I felt pretty good, the truth…they didn’t treat me well there…but with Dusty (Baker) here now, I’m in heaven,” he concluded. Dubón is the lead hitter in the Astros’ offensive order