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They did: Bad Bunny fans who spent the night at Hato Rey started buying tickets for their concert

They did: Bad Bunny fans who spent the night at Hato Rey started buying tickets for their concert

After days of waiting, heating and camping outside Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum Puerto Rico Members bad bunny They achieved their goal: to buy concert tickets “Summer without you”Which will be at the end of July.

With a countdown from thousands of people in line, Choliseo, at 8:15 a.m., opened the doors inside the venue to sell tickets for the three events on July 28, 29 and 30. Before the queue was opened to the general public, disabled people and pregnant women entered the Colosseum.

In an unprecedented event, tickets for the show are sold not at the box office of the venue, but inside the facility. However, this medium has proven that ticket purchases are digital, as soon as they enter Choliseo, attendees receive an email confirmation.

Although the concert production team was quite reticent about sharing information about what’s going on inside, some fans have expressed a tendency to think that there is a “surprise” the artist has inside Choliseo.

This is how the thousands of Bad Bunny fans who stayed overnight in Hato Rey looked to get a role where they could buy tickets to the concert “Un Verano Sin Ti”. (Vanessa Sierra Diaz)

Bad Bunny and his team led by Noah AsaadThey did not allow access to the media or the press in their country inside Choliseo to learn of the sale of nearly 50,000 tickets destined for the three days of the concert.

The team at Al-As Al-Hadari Company records all the details to make a documentary film and produce exclusive content. However, the thousands of attendees in the row surrounding several Hato Rey blocks could broadcast everything that was happening inside the grandstand.

For his part, producer Alejandro Papón explained in an interview with El Nuevo Día that his goal today is to sell 17,000 tickets for each performance with a total of 51,000 tickets, so he hopes to finish the event in the afternoon.

Bad Bunny fans enter a group of 150 people inside Choliseo. They are given a card with a QR code that they must scan to find the ticket. In the ticket area, another row is allocated for the disabled. On the outskirts of the venue, attendees line up amidst the music and the main complaint is that there are many people who have snuck into the venue.

Most fans started arriving at Choliseo grounds last Wednesday hoping to be among the first to buy tickets. On that day, the event’s production team told attendees that they would have four free tickets, as it was the wish of Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, the artist’s first name, that he had seen them there several days before the official sale.

The next day, a second group of fans began lining up with coolers, chairs, and umbrellas, and since then, more people joined the queue that ended up in Plaza Las America.

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