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Belinda y Christian Nodal

Belinda breaks her silence and speaks for the first time about her split from Christian Nodal

Belinda and Christian Nodal surprised the entertainment world on February 12 by announcing their split After more than a year together and planning to get married.

This break caused endless rumors about both artists.which indicates that the alleged reasons for their separation were due to A loan made by the Mexican singer to Nodal.

Almost five months after this sudden decision, Belinda broke her silence and gave an interview to the magazine Vogue Spainwhere he spoke openly about his commitment to Christian Nodal and end of their relationship.

Belinda admitted that she felt exposed on social media after revealing her relationship with a Mexican regional music translator He regretted the way their subsequent separation was handled, which caused controversy around the world.

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“One hundred percent of course. And I won’t do it again. Yes, I’m sorry, and I say it from my heart, because I brought up this topic as I did. But hey, that’s life. I chose the wrong one, which makes everything worse. Can you put the shit* *”In Vogue? Well, put shit **. In all respects.”

Besides, Belinda also indicated that currently, after starring One of the most media breaks in the show’s history in Mexico, He’s going through a personal healing process and he’s better than ever.

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“I’m better now. I conclude that you learn from mistakes.”

Belinda’s comments came days after he did soThe Mexican actress surprised her followers by kissing two women In his presentation at Piazza Pedro Zerolo in Madrid during Diversity Journey

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His actions were criticized by many of his followers, who tThey dismissed this situation as “irresponsible” and “misplaced”.